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Save Your Backlinks from Going Down the Drain – a Post-Penguin SEO Checklist!

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Search Engine Optimization

Do you think your hard-earned backlinks are the ones causing your site harm after Google’s Penguin update?

If you do, think again!

In the "unnatural links" hassle, many webmasters are removing their backlinks in bunches - the links they had invested so much time in creating.

However, there is a better SEO plan that lets you preserve your old-time link juice AND secure your site against possible negative SEO attacks!

Introducing the ultimate guide to post-Penguin backlink audit.

Dive in and learn how to:

  • Audit your backlinks' anchor texts in a snap;
  • Diversify your anchors to preserve top rankings;
  • Check the quality and quantity of your backlink domains;
  • Build a diverse referring domains profile;
  • Pick top-paying backlink sources;
  • And more!

Besides, grab your bonus "SEO after Penguin" checklist  and protect your site from negative SEO!

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