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SUSO Digital Case Study: real-life success stories and SEO tips from the pros

For small business owners and SEO agencies alike, search marketing can get overwhelming. Figuring out which strategy works best in a given niche, how long it takes to see the results, and what kind of results you can expect to see…

Sometimes tried and tested strategies from the real world of SEO are all you could ask for. And that's exactly what you'll find in the success stories that a leading digital marketing agency, SUSO Digital, is sharing with you today.

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About SUSO Digital

SUSO Digital are a UK-based Digital Marketing agency focusing on generating website traction via Google organic search.

SUSO offers a wide range of marketing services, from SEO to Reputation Management and App Marketing. Over the years, SUSO achieved first page rankings and impressive traffic increases for hundreds of clients — both UK-based customers and international businesses.

Tools SUSO use

In their daily SEO activities, SUSO Digital relies on SEO PowerSuite. Prior to SEO PowerSuite, the agency had used several different SEO tools; but as these systems weren't integrated, the team had to spend serious extra time on putting the data together and compiling reports for clients. SUSO's management started looking for an all-in-one SEO toolset and discovered SEO PowerSuite, which they have been using for their A to Z search marketing tasks since.

"We've tried a bunch of SEO services over the years, but SEO PowerSuite is the only one that stuck around and became a "go-to" solution for SUSO.

The suite's pricing is a big plus. It's very affordable, but even more importantly, it offers unlimited data at a fixed price, so there are no additional costs associated with the number of clients or data volumes.

SEO PowerSuite lets us get the data in real time — so we don't have to wait for days or weeks till another update. The toolset also automates our SEO routine nicely, letting us schedule all SEO tasks — great feature if you've got dozens of things to do and dozens of places to be.

For agencies, SEO PowerSuite's new drug-n-drop SEO reports are perhaps its biggest asset. It took us minutes to create templates that only include the data our clients need — we now use those on a daily basis."

Will Bagnall
CEO, SUSO Digital

SUSO's client cases are surprising in how a simple SEO strategy, when implemented consistently, can boost a site's organic traffic and skyrocket sales — in any niche.

Here are 3 recent client case studies by SUSO, describing the exact steps the agency's team took to get page one results, traffic boosts, and incredible increases in revenue for clients in some really competitive niches. Read on for real-life success stories — full of SEO tips from the pros and actual facts and figures!

1. Link building:
Helped increase organic traffic 17x

Client niche
Client background
Client's objective
Online yellow pages
Ranking for only 4 out of 150+ target keywords in's top 100 results
Improve rankings and drive traffic to increase revenue from on-page advertising
page 1 positions in Google
The client ranks in Google's top 10 for 64 target keywords (compared to 0 original top 10 ranks)
top 20 rankings increase
The site currently ranks for 116 competitive keywords in top 20 (originally 2)
traffic increase
The client's monthly traffic grew from 1K to 17K in 4 months

The challenge: few quality links

The client's site had been live for 4 years but had acquired under 1,000 links, almost all of which had little SEO value and lacked anchor text diversity — most of them were bold URL links. The site's weak link profile was to blame for its low authority in search engines' eyes. That was the main reason the website was struggling to be found organically, and wasn't ranking in Google's top 10 for any non-branded search term in the niche.

The solution: keyword-targeted link building

After extensive research into the target market, we used Rank Tracker's powerful keyword research mechanisms to compile a list of 155 high-KEI industry keywords. We then began prospecting for link opportunities, using the LinkAssistant tool to find a list of potential partners by keyword search with our 155 target keywords. The app came up with a list of 12,000 partners and extracted their contact information. We shortlisted around 7,000 promising partners, and reached out to them right from LinkAssistant using the app's built-in email client. Through personal emails, we managed to build over 750 high-quality links for the client in 1 month. We also reached out to the client's existing link partners to improve on some of the links they already had — these links came from relevant sources but called for some keyword-targeted anchors. Later on, we used LinkAssistant routinely to verify the links we built, and to communicate with partners when we had questions or suggestions.

The results: +64 Google page 1 rankings

We started the link building campaign in November 2014, and focused it on adding value and connecting with key industry influencers. The campaign increased the DA and Trust of the site; its organic rankings also started to grow early in the campaign. Currently, the site ranks on page 1 of Google for highly competitive terms like 'yellow pages' and 'phone numbers' with relevant geo-modifiers (including 'yellow pages UK' and 'phone numbers UK'). The ranking boost resulted in an impressive traffic increase — site visits have grown 6 times in just 1 month. Over 4 months of the campaign, we achieved a 17X increase in traffic — all thanks to having built quality, keyword-relevant links.

Presently, we proceed to track rankings for the client with Rank Tracker, and the site's positions (and organic traffic) are continuing to grow.

2. Site auditing:
Tripled client's revenue in 1 month

Client niche
Client background

Client's objective
E-commerce alcohol and soft drinks
Gaining traffic through PPC only; 0 rankings in Google's top 10 for industry keywords
Top 10 rankings for ~400 product brand names to boost sales and cut PPC budget
positions up
Across all keywords, the website went 3,147 places up in Google search in 3 months
9 out of 10
competitors outranked
Across most target keywords, the site outranked 9 of 10 major competitors, and is currently growing its ranks against the 10th
revenue growth
The client's e-commerce website has tripled its revenue from sales in just 1 month

The challenge: non-indexed pages and other tech issues

At the very beginning of the campaign, we performed a detailed technical website audit with the help of WebSite Auditor. This audit identified a number of key areas for improvement:

  • The 404 page was not set up correctly;
  • There was a large quantity of internal broken links;
  • The site suffered from duplicate content issues;
  • 80% of the site's pages were restricted from indexing;
  • A large amount of on-page content hidden behind 'read more' dropdowns was not being indexed;
  • Most of the product pages had duplicate rel="canonical" tags.

Additionally, there was a big chance Google's Panda algorithm could also be affecting the site's visibility in search due to low quality content on product pages.

The solution: a Google-friendly site with keyword-optimized landing pages

We collaborated with the client's in-house team and their external developers to implement the changes and the recommendations stated in WebSite Auditor's report. Namely, we set up the 404, fixed the broken links, edited robots.txt and removed the unnecessary rel="canonical" tags (while adding rel="canonical" for pages with duplicate content warnings). To prevent Google's Panda update affecting the client's rankings for competitive brand name keywords (like 'buy Hennessy' or 'buy Johnnie Walker'), we provided unique content and images for product pages the client needed to rank, and created incentives (limited-time discounts) for customers to write detailed product reviews.

The results: competitors outranked, sales tripled

WebSite Auditor's comprehensive on-site audit and the app's specific recommendations on both site and page level have improved the performance of the client site dramatically. We resolved technical issues and revamped landing pages' content, which got them indexed in 1 week; rankings and traffic started to grow quickly. In 3 months, the site went 3,147 places up in Google search across all keywords, outranked 9 of its 10 authoritative competitors, and grew its sales 3X.

3. Removing unnatural links:
Resulted in 183 page 1 rankings and multiplied visits by 10

Client niche
Client background

Client's objective
Educational online courses
A site-wide manual Google penalty for unnatural links; 0 top 100 rankings for 250 target keywords (32 top 100 rankings before penalty)
Top 20 rankings in Google for 250 competitive keywords to increase organic traffic
page 1 positions
Out of 250 competitive target keywords, client's site now ranks for 183 in Google's top 10
positions up in search
The site experienced an average increase of 49 places in Google rankings compared to its pre-penalty positions
sessions on site
Organic traffic grew from 202 daily sessions in April to 1,854 sessions in May

The challenge: removing manual penalty

We were tasked with removing Google's manual penalty as quickly as possible. Rankings, traffic and sales had dropped across the board, with the client dropping out of top 100 for all target keywords resulting in losing 50% of monthly traffic.

The solution: identifying and taking down low quality links

We conducted a full and comprehensive link audit with SEO SpyGlass to figure out which of the links were causing the penalty, and took very special care to remove the 700+ links with a Penalty Risk of 40% or greater. We exported the list of spammy links, imported it into the LinkAssistant app, and began to outreach for link removal with the app's email client.

Through outreach, we managed to remove around 200 hazardous links. The rest were added to a fresh disavow file and uploaded to Google Webmaster Tools.

Once the link cleanup had been completed, we crafted a detailed reconsideration request. The reconsideration request highlighted the steps we took, the links that were removed, the links we could not remove, and why we could not remove them.

During this period, our outreach team also used LinkAssistant for prospecting for any potential outreach opportunities within the client's niche, to increase the level of high quality inbound links. To replace the 700 links we removed and disavowed, we built just under 200 high quality backlinks from relevant, authoritative sources.

The results: penalty removed in 1 month, 10x more traffic

The manual penalty was removed on the first reconsideration request. Organic rankings and traffic quickly returned and surpassed pre-penalty levels.

Our quick action on removing unnatural links, and the level of detail included in the reconsideration letter ensured that the penalty was removed within 1 month.


"SEO PowerSuite allows us to get pretty killer results in some really short time spans. We're massive fans of the software, and our team uses it daily to achieve and maintain our client rankings at the top of page 1 of Google."

Will Bagnall
CEO, SUSO Digital

Among other things, SUSO clients' stories prove that consistency, white-hat techniques, and powerful tools are still what works best in SEO. There's no magic recipe or secret ingredient that would take your site up to the top of Google; but if you're ready to invest in thorough research and reliable software, the ROI is going to exceed your biggest expectations. If you're an agency, a well-established workflow and a cost-effective, automatable toolset with flexible reports are what you're looking for.

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