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Website owner Doug Dinerstein

Reached 600% increase in on-line sales over 8 months

Doug Dinerstein
  • 600% sales increase over 8 months of optimization
  • #1 position for a keyword with 2,590,000 competition
  • #1 for 10 main keywords
  • Top positions for dozens of other business-relevant keywords

Business Description and website: — a website selling bamboo viscose products from clothing to bed and bath accessories


  • Promote a newly established on-line business
  • Boost sales and website traffic
  • Get leading positions for main keywords in bamboo-products niche


  • Hundreds of websites selling the same products
  • No experience in website promotion — before starting an online business with his sister, Doug was making a living in custom cabinet installation business
  • Doug's almost 0 tech knowledge


Doug's sister wanted his help starting an online business. It quickly became apparent to him that the success of any online business boils down to search engine marketing. Together with his sister, Doug launched the website in the beginning of 2009.

For a couple of months Doug was looking for reliable SEO software for his website promotion. Over this period he has purchased about half a dozen of different SEO tools, but had to exercise the return policy on all of them, as they all had serious deficiencies in one way or another.

Finally, Doug set his choice on Link-Assistant.Com software products, which he found to be "the perfect SEO toolbox", and started optimizing his website using Rank Tracker and SEO SpyGlass in May 2009.

"I am very happy with the Link-Assistant.Com software products" — Doug says.

To make his SEO efforts maximally productive in terms of sales increase, Doug has to find keywords with lowest competition and highest numbers of searches. With Rank Tracker from SEO PowerSuite toolkit, Doug digs up thousands of keyword suggestions via 15 in-built keyword research mechanisms. Then he analyzes possible keywords for their KEI — the most accurate criteria to estimate keyword profitability. He chooses only the keywords with highest KEI (marked green in Rank Tracker) and dismisses the keywords that aren't worth his while (marked red in Rank Tracker):

That being done, Doug gets down to optimizing his website for the chosen keywords. For daily monitoring of his optimization progress, he uses the same tool — Rank Tracker. If needed, the tool performs rank checks on autopilot, sparing Doug lots of work. Here is a screenshot from Doug's Rank Tracker project, showing his website's progress for "bamboo bedding" — a keyword for which he rose from the 102nd to #1 rank:

Each time Doug rechecks his rankings, Rank Tracker shows him for which keywords his website has risen in Google's results page, and which of his keywords saw a dropdown and require more SEO attention. "Bamboo baby cloths" and "bamboo socks" on the previous screenshot, for example, are set off with a red marker, showing that for these words has dropped two and three positions respectively. Knowing that, Doug will devout some link-building efforts to these words and quickly improve his website's position for them.

Since in the selling-bamboo-products niche Doug has a lot of competitors, he should keep an eye on their SEO activities in order to outrank them. For that purpose he uses another tool from SEO PowerSuite toolkit — SEO SpyGlass. SEO SpyGlass finds out how many backlinks his competitor's website has and how much traffic and PageRank value each of the links passes to this website. On the basis of SEO SpyGlass's detailed link-building analysis, Doug develops his own success SEO strategy.

As a result of his SEO activities, Doug managed to increase his organic traffic considerably. You can trace how the number of visitors has grown from May 2009 to January 2010 on the following graph:

Doug's sales, in turn, multiplied six times from May 2009 to December 2009. It means that thanks to search engine optimization, Doug has raised his sales and income by 600% over just 8 months, and we're proud to say that two tools from SEO PowerSuite toolkit — Rank Tracker and SEO SpyGlass — help Doug achieve such results. Right now Doug has taken up several new tough-nut keywords that require more effort but pay off with greater traffic and sales. has already risen for these keywords to the first page in Google and is still moving up towards the #1 position.

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