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10 things SEOs would enjoy as a Christmas gift

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death star christmas

Christmas is a magic time.  Even if you're not a kid. Even if you've made 5 minutes to read this list instead of finishing your Site Audit report.

Any SEO deserves a nice present for Christmas.  And you know that. Just sit back and enjoy the list we've prepared for you.

10. Funny SEO t-shirt

google created seo

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Everyone loves t-shirts with hilarious prints. Some prints are extremely popular, others are less widespread.  Just make sure it's connected with everyday SEO challenges like algorithm changes, basic HTML, etc. Or create a funny print of your own based on corporate jokes or come stories connected with the most troublesome SEO clients.

Alternatively you can just buy a funny t-shirt that's not related to SEO. SEO folks are ordinary people who also have other interests :). Nice collection of t-shirts at tasty X-mas prices can be found here.

9. Stress Reliever toy

You can just type in ''Stress Toy'' on Amazon or eBay and see a wide choice of toys that can make an SEO's day a bit better when a crazy client is getting on their nerve.

Link-Assistant.Com's in-house SEO professional got a Squishy Mesh Ball for her birthday and advises to start with this toy if you can be slow at decision making.

Any office job can be stressful and you need a quick way to blow off your steam. A wisely chosen stress toy will help you do it.

8. Star Wars Lego

I've seen lots of SEOs and some tech folks being in love with two things: Lego and Star Wars. Fortunately Lego has a product line where both interests meet.

lego kids watching tv

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Who knows maybe one would love to make a Christmas composition with their kids on a Christmas morning like in the picture above? Or maybe they will keep it for themselves? Cunning, little SEOs, you deserved that :).

7. One year hosting

Do you know how many websites an ordinary SEO have? Neither do they :). SEOs love to experiment, they have sites and blogs for many purposes and they all should be hosted and paid for. Nobody loves to pay their fines, bills and care about hosting payment.

It's not even the question of money. It's just boring and sometimes you have so much on the plate that can forget to make one tiny recurring payment. Care about this routine for your SEO friend or just buy one year hosting that he/she thinks is too expensive.

Are you unsure which hosting is the best? This article will help you figure this out.

which web hosting is better

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I swear it'll be one of the best presents! In case you're in for very practical presents.

6. One year supply of coffee and biscuits


coffee with Google Analytics icon

If you do not start your day with a coffee, then you're probably not human and must verify you are not a spam bot to continue with the article.

Coffee is an important fuel in for an SEO's organism and biscuits is like a first aid kit to sweeten an aching soul when a client's giving you a hard time.

Provide your SEO friends with these two things and they will be much better prepared for a new working year.

5. Gym membership

gym card

Being an office worker sucks, you sit at the desk for at least 40 hours per week and your body fails to thank you for that poor physical activity. Good SEOs know that in order to be productive you should give your brain a brake and you work your ass off in the gym.

Certainly you can replace gym membership with any other sport your SEO friend is fond of.  Google makes us all experience severe stressful situations practically every day and some exercises will do a world of good when one needs to blow off their steam.

4. Breaking Bad poster

mr white poster

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This story has hardly left anyone indifferent. Having a Breaking Bad poster in the office can make everyone a bit happier and make office guests be a bit jealous. Other stuff associated with Breaking Bad such as t-shirts, cups, or full collection DVD will also work.

3.  Personalized ''Have a merry Christmas'' website

have a merry xmas

If you have basic technical skills you can create a funny website especially for your SEO friend. Design isn't a problem, any photos of penguins, pandas and hummingbirds will do. Unsure of hummingbirds? Hummingbird is the ''new black'' in the SEO world, and you can use these little birds on your site without any doubt.

If you're really bad at making websites or simply are pressed with time, send a personalized Christmas eCard, you will just need a couple of photos and 10 minutes of your time. I bet your friends will be in awe.

2. Favorite SEO tool subscription

Professional SEOs always rely on their common sense and experience, but even the best SEO in the world will spend lots of their precious time on gathering all the necessary data manually. Which is why we all have our favorite SEO tools that help us save time and use it more wisely.

If you get a subscription/license of your friend's favorite SEO tool, he will certainly be very grateful for this practical present.

Keep an eye on offers, most tools have Christmas sales and you have a great chance of buying an excellent solution at a crazy discount.

1.  Kitten, because everyone loves kittens


Well, practically everyone. Certainly before giving a tiny lump of happiness to your SEO friend, make sure that no one in the family is allergic and that they really love cats.

You can even make a little miracle by taking an innocent creature from animal house. No matter whether it's a dog or a cat, in spite of how they look you will make somebody's family very happy and will help this hairball find new friends.

P.S. Lovely cat in the pic above belongs to one of our employees :). Let's guess who's the lucky owner in the comments below!

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