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Rank Tracker — YouTube SEO Ranking Research Tool

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YouTube now is not only the biggest video search engine in the world but the second largest search engine full stop. So optimizing your video content for YouTube specifically should naturally be at the top of any digital marketer's agenda.
Luckily, SEO PowerSuite's Rank Tracker doubles as a YouTube rank tracking tool!

Why do YouTube SEO?

YouTube content will always have less competition than text. That's a fact, no matter the area your business covers. And YouTube search is in fact quite easy to optimize for!

Placing certain keywords in your channel's "About" section very carefully, as well as modifying your video descriptions according to the exact query you want to show up for, is the key to making YouTube suggest your content to just the right user.

YouTube Rank Checker

First, let's talk about rankings of a specific video, before moving onto checking the rankings of an entire channel.

Check the ranking of a single one of your YouTube videos:

Step 1. Create a project with the exact URL of your video.

You'll see a window asking to specify Google Analytics and GSC accounts, but you can skip them without connecting, this will not affect the tool's efficacy.

Step 2. Add the keywords you want your video to rank for both on YouTube as well as on Google search.

Step 3. Choose YouTube as your preferred search engine to get the ranking results.

And voila! You can see how well the things you upload perform in YouTube's rankings for the chosen keywords.

In results you can see not only the rankings themselves, but also a whole slew of information. From expected visits and keyword difficulty to PPC costs and so on.

But of course, video rank tracking is not the extent of the YouTube SEO efforts you're supposed to be doing for your content. Your channel's overall positions also need to be monitored, and with Rank Tracker, it's quite easy to do.

Check the ranking of your entire YouTube channel

Click "New" in the "Projects" section of our keyword tool.

And then follow the same basic steps outlined earlier, now seeing what keywords your channel ranks for.

You'll be able to easily monitor where on the YouTube SERP you are at the moment, how the rankings of your channel on the whole change, and correct your content strategy accordingly.

For your SEO efforts to be really successful, though, you need to go above and beyond just the YouTube rankings check. You should also watch that your content appears in organic Google SERP's in the "video" graphs.

And don't be nervous, seeing your rankings on a regular SERP is not at all difficult, it's really just a matter of a couple of clicks. Simply add Google as one of your preferred engines in "Preferences">"Preferred Search Engines" — and add Google (any local version of it, or the general Google search).

With that, you'll be tracking if your content appears as a suggested video by Google, and at what position if at all.

The same is true for your channel as a whole — add Google as one of your preferred engines and check out the rankings you get for your chosen keywords, and if your channel ranks for the queries you want.

Afterwards, you can get a nice rank tracking report by going to the "Reports" section of Rank Tracker. These reports will help you communicate to your team the ranking of your YouTube content in any search engine you're working to optimize for.

Monitor your competitors' rankings at the same time as your own

By going to "Preferences">"Competitors", you'll be able to put in the URL's of your competition's videos and channels in general, compare rankings and see what keywords get them clicks. That will allow you to poach their keywords for yourself, getting more clicks as a result.

Take advantage of Rank Tracker's Keyword Research module

Before going and creating content, you need to make sure that the keywords you're putting into your descriptions and tags are just right. This is the first thing you need to be doing for YouTube SEO, and the biggest thing that you can do to increase your YouTube ranking.

How to do it:

Step 1. See the keyword ranking statistics of your video — for that, use the "Ranking Keywords" module. Put in the exact URL of your video, choose the SERP feature you want to check your rankings for (organic SERP result, Video graph, etc.).

This will give you an idea of what kind of queries lead users to you. Utilizing that will certainly give you an edge.

Step 2. Get perfect keyword ideas.

One popular tool to use is YouTube's free and in-built autocomplete feature. But it only gives you 10 suggestions for each keyword, which is simply not convenient, neither for SEO experts, nor for business owners or marketers.

Using the "Keyword Research" menu, you can access the free Autocomplete tools to get much more extensive results and identify the perfect keywords to put in your description and title, save them, track them going forward and grow your rankings much more effectively.

Having done the check for the most beneficial keywords to use in your video descriptions, titles, tags, and so on, you can then move on to adjust your channel's info text in the same way. That bit of SEO will help YouTube rank you higher on the SERP.


Video content is incredibly big at the moment. Nearly any business could benefit, provided they have the resources for it, from creating and running an informative and creative YouTube channel.

And, as with the more traditional search engines, there are ways to optimize for YouTube. If you want to learn more, we have an in-depth YouTube SEO guide. Using SEO PowerSuite's tracking tools you'll be one step ahead of the competition.

Sure, you can track your videos' growth using only YouTube's native analytics features. But seeing how well your content performs in overall Google search, as well as using rank tracking software to see exactly how well you're ranking for which queries will undoubtedly yield significantly better results for you and your entire business.

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