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Track Your Competitors’ Rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Other Search Engines

Spy on your competitors with Rank Tracker’s competitor tracking feature and boost your SEO
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Find your top SEO competitors

The very first step towards thorough competition research is identifying your top SEO competitors. With Rank Tracker, You can access a full list of competitors based on your keywords.

The algorithm is the following — the tool analyzes top-30 search results for keywords that you entered, shows how competitors’ keyword focus overlaps with yours, and comes up with a list of websites currently ranking for them. After that, you can choose up to 10 websites that you’re willing to monitor and proceed with competitor tracking.

Track your main competitors’ rankings

When you decide whom to spy on, Rank Tracker will start tracking competitors’ rankings and recording their keyword ranking history.

With the help of the tool, you can track competitors’ rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Yandex, and many other search engines. Besides, Rank Tracker doesn’t limit the number of keywords for rank checking, which makes the tool perfect for those who run huge e-commerce sites.

Carry out SERP competitor monitoring

The more SERP features you rank for, the more traffic you’re likely to receive. Luckily, with Rank Tracker’s SERP Analysis feature, you can keep your fingers firmly on the pulse with everything that’s going on with SERP features’ competition.

The tool lets you instantly see the SERP features you have already occupied as well as the ones your competitors rank for.

Find areas for improvement

If you see that some of your competitors rank higher for particular keywords and occupy certain SERP features, you may want to have a closer look at them to understand what stops you from conquering the desired Google’s top.

With Rank Tracker, you can analyze your tracked competitors according to the most important SEO indicators (Domain age, Alexa rank, website traffic, the number of backlinks, social media popularity, etc.) to spot areas that can be improved, work on them, and finally overtake the competition.

Steal your competitors’ top-ranking keywords

Stealing competitors’ keywords is always a good idea - and there’s no better keyword tool to help you with that than Rank Tracker. Just enter the URLs of competitors you’d like to track in the tool and reveal their precious keywords on the fly.

After that, move keywords to your workspace to track ranks of competitors there, perform keyword analysis, and pick the ones with the highest potential.

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