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Email Scraper and Prospecting Tool — Software to Find Contacts Instantly

Looking for an email scraper to mine contacts from a list of sites? Here is a beast of email extractors that will discover email addresses fast and easy. The diversity of scraping features, extracting the right contact emails in no time at all, makes it a reliable tool for any marketer.
  • Safe email scraping from websites
  • Proxy rotation, resolving CAPTCHA and human emulation
  • In-built email client to manage emails without hassle
  • Quick domain stats to estimate prospect quality
  • Advanced search for finding the right contacts by keywords
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Scrape emails for your list of websites

LinkAssistant is a desktop email finder software that will help you scrape email addresses from sites along with associated domains. The email grabber is aimed for sales and brand managers, seeking to build up marketing collaboration with high-quality prospects. The tool creates a list of email addresses for the targeted URLs and a bunch of stats, if needed, to estimate the value of the discovered domains.

How to:

Step 1. For a start, launch the scraping tool and enter the URL of your website to create a new project. To scrape email addresses for particular websites, you go to the Prospects section and click the Add button.

Step 2. Copy the URLs from which you want to scrape emails and paste them into the workspace, and hit Next.

Add prospect URLs

Step 3. Follow the instructions in the setting-up wizard of the email scraper. You will be offered to add tags to the URLs, which later will help you manage and filter them easily (i.e. find contact email). Then select to scrape Contact info only and hit Finish.

Scrape contact email only

In a few moments, the scraper will deliver email addresses for your selected list of domains.

Email list

You can contact your scraper prospects right from the in-built email client. Or, if you prefer to use another email service, just hit the down arrow in the top right corner and download the email list in CSV format.

Advanced features for crawling a site

The email scraper tool allows proxy support to bypass anti-scrapers that prevent the tool from extracting email information (this sometimes happens when one IP sends too fast too many requests to a website).

If you are using a proxy server for connection, just tick to Use proxy from Proxy Settings.

Or enable Proxy rotation from Search Safe Settings. Simply add the server address and the port, check if it's alive, enter user name and password if authentication is required.

You can set the email grabber to use direct connection on the web if no live proxy is available.

Proxy rotation

Among other safe search features, the email grabber allows resolving CAPTCHA, switching user agents for desktop or mobile devices, and human emulation: the email scraper will make random delays between queries within a defined interval. Also, the tool allows visiting the search engine homepage before sending the query (just like a human would do when finding a site from Google). Deft, isn't it?

Human emulation

Why doesn't the scraper find an email address?

Finding a valid email address is often a challenging task. You should have noticed that companies feel pretty comfortable with having emails like or It's often a quest to find personal email addresses for privacy concerns. Even businesses sometimes hide or disguise their corporate addresses to prevent unwanted spam sendings. LinkAssistant email scraper extracts only those emails that are publicly available, i.e. email owners share them openly somewhere on web pages, in Contact Us, About Us sections, etc.

It's better to try LinkAssistant email scraper once.
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What are the URLs you've just scraped?

A speciality of LinkAssistant is assessment of prospect quality to check how valuable the domain is. The email scraper can analyze your own domain as well as your potential partners' domains for the most common SEO metrics, such as Alexa Rank, Domain InLink Rank, indexation in Google, the number of links, domain age and IP, social media popularity, and the like.

Select your prospects, right-click on them and hit Update. In the popped-up window, select to update the domain information you might be interested in.

Update stats

Now you have not only your contact emails, but also web stats showing ranking popularity of the domains and their SEO value.

Prospect quality

Once you've scraped all the emails you needed, you can reach out to them right from the scraper tool (first, you will have to sync the tool with your preferred email client). Select the prospects, right-click on them and hit to Send email(s) to selected partners. The new window appears, where you can select a predefined template (customize one from Preferences, if you need), adjust your email message and send to all your contacts at once.

Send an email

Are you sure you are not a spammer?

The scraping tool lets you extract emails from web pages with your immediate purpose in mind.

Are you looking for fresh links and content marketing prospects?

Do you want to spot relevant comment threads and forum chats about your product or peculiar topic?

Or, maybe, you are just searching for leads to expand your brand coverage and to have more sales.

For all these goals, the email finder will scrape a different set of web pages according to your predefined settings and will harvest email addresses that suit your specific needs.

Search methods in LinkAssistant

When you start a new search for URLs, you will need to configure additionally basic search settings, such as the country and the language by which you would like to find your targets. The tool will search for prospects, based on the topics of your site and its competitors on Google.

The website crawler will scrape the homepages together with their title, meta descriptions, contact names and emails. You can look through your prospect list in Feed View via internal browser while the scraping tool continues to harvest URL suggestions. Otherwise, you can switch to Table View and see a compact list of the scraped email addresses alongside the prospect URLs.

  • Find email addresses from top SERP results

The email scraper allows finding top-ranking pages on the SERP and domains similar to yours by keywords or by a specified URL. Narrow down the search to a certain location, search type (desktop or mobile), the number of results on the SERP, then scrape emails, and contact your prospects with a co-marketing offer, an affiliate program — whatever you have in mind.

Find top ranking sites

  • Email scraping and backlink analysis

You can inspect top-ranking pages and their backlink profile to discover new link-building ideas. Examine your backlink gap against your competitors, or find only fresh links that they have gained recently. Configure the lowest and the highest thresholds for the Domain InLink Rank and organic traffic, then select to scrape email addresses alongside domain quality stats.

The free checker tool will uncover the freshest links that appeared in our database over the last three months and harvest email addresses from the linking sites.

Find link opportunities

  • Expand coverage with link-building techniques

For professional link-builders the tool can scrape emails by old-school link-building methods: guest posting, reviews, business directories, forums, giveaways. Besides, you can create your own custom search queries and scrape sites by whatever property you can make up.

The crawler will find emails for top 100 blogs that highlight "guest posts" and "review" search terms according to your selected set of keywords. If you don't know any, just hit the Get keyword suggestions link, and the tool will populate the workspace with your best-matching keywords from SEO PowerSuite keyword database.

Advanced google search

  • Manage email contacts without hassle using tags and filters

In case the email scraper brought you too many results, use filters to pick only the best options, and add tags to manage your email list in a bulk. Tags are added automatically by the search method, although you can easily edit them and create your own ones.

Enjoy LinkAssistant's full-feature version of email extractor software for professionals:
  • Support for an unlimited number of sites in 556 search engines
  • Easy link data export
  • Automated task scheduling to verify backlinks, check domains etc.
  • Storing projects in cloud for team work
  • Printing and sharing reports with customizable reporting templates
  • Printing and sending branded reports for your SEO clients

The right people bring you to the right places and to other right people. Just make sure you use your email scraper software for good reasons, not for spam.