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Domain Analysis Tool
Quick Overview of Site Authority and Performance

All key SEO stats for your site — in one convenient dashboard!
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  • Instant website authority check.
  • Overview metrics for a quick website analysis.
  • SEO analysis of a site's rankings progress and performance.
  • Benchmarking of your competitor's domain.
All the data you need to quickly evaluate any website authority! Need a fast way to look at your site's strong and weak points? Want to monitor all the key SEO stats together, without switching between apps and tabs?
Have a quick check of your website authority with the help of the Domain Strength module in all SEO PowerSuite tools — the place where all of your SEO data (backlinks and InLink Rank, Google indexing, social stats and domain's organic traffic) is taken together for a quick SEO analysis and overview.

Domain Strength metrics

What's inside?

Domain strength (from 1 to 10)
Get a quick idea of how "strong" the domain you analyze is, taking into account the most crucial SEO factors, such as backlinks, social signals, and other important metrics of the given domain.
Domain authority
Evaluate your website authority by external metrics — check the Domain InLink Rank (the score is calculated based on the number of inbound links and the quality of linking domains), and Alexa Rank.
General Domain Info
Get all the general info about the domain — its IP, country, and domain age.
Indexing in search engines
See how many pages of the website are indexed in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.
Listings in major Web catalogs
See if the website is listed in the most reputable Web — DMOZ and Yahoo! Dir.
Backlink profile statistics
Check out the most important backlink profile stats — the total number of links, nofollow links, backlink domains and more.
Social media popularity and traffic
Check out how many times the site is mentioned on different social networks and how many visits each of these networks brings.
Traffic to your website
Integrate the checker with Google Analytics to instantly evaluate your site's traffic over the past month — see how many visits the site gets and what your main channels are that bring the visitors.

Measure your website authority in a moment

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The most powerful backlink checker

SEO Powersuite boasts the fastest-growing backlink index and lets you have a most comprehensive and accurate website analysis. You can overview up to 5 profiles in your competitors report.

Add the URL of your competitor to be tracked in the Competitors Module, and with the next check-up the tool will pull a few valuable stats for a quick insight: the website authority score, number of backlinks, dofollow/nofollow links.

Add competitors' domains to track

Create your custom report

The checker tool allows building your custom-tailored report the way you want it. The reporting module includes ready-made report templates split by topics: ranking positions report, domain strength, competitors report, etc. Add or remove report sections or create a new template from scratch to include your target overview metrics.

For example, you can combine the Domain Strength report with Competition Rankings to have the most complete ranking positions report on Google SERPs for you and your competitor's website.

Create custom Domain Strength report with Competition Rankings

Get your automated website analysis report

Have no time to do a routine SEO audit for a large number of projects and domains? Schedule a task to check your website authority score automatically. Fill out your publishing profile and set your ranking positions report to be delivered to email. You can have the updated overview of your most important metrics without even looking into the app!

Update Domain Strength automatically

Subscription models to scale your business needs

Have your free report data displayed in the workspace for your in-house website analysis. If you are a professional SEO user, it might be convenient to store reports in the cloud or download your SEO audit report in a PDF format to share it with your business clients.

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