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Free case converter tool – capitalize your titles, change lowercase to uppercase

Free Case Converter is a handy application that changes the text case type of any given text or title. Just copy and paste your text into the text area below and select the required text case.

Free Text Case Converter – easily change text case

Meet the Free Case Converter! Your newfound solution for effortless text and title transformations. It's a stellar online application to quickly adjust the case type of your text or title to suit your needs.

With one click of your mouse, you easily transform your title or text case type – from changing upper case letters to lower case letters, from converting sentence case to title case.

You can even add a bit of whimsy with toggle and alternate cases where you capitalize letters in a way that they become either lower case or upper case depending on the initial text style.

Need to capitalize all first letters – you can do that with ease, too. This tool, available right at your fingertips, is here to deliver.

Absolutely free, accessible anywhere, and requiring no downloads or installations, our Free Case Converter Tool is designed to integrate seamlessly into your writing process. It respects your time and focuses on functionality.

Try our tools today and never spend extra time converting your text case type manually.

Why we created Free Case Converter

Picture this: You're neck-deep in documents needing meticulous editing, having to change upper case to lower case, or capitalize your title, word by painstaking word. It's a process that's as time-consuming as it is tedious. And the more words are there in your text, the more tiresome it becomes.

These challenges gave birth to the idea of the Free Case Converter, an online tool developed with the sole aim of simplifying this task.

Whether you're crafting a catchy headline for your blog post or dealing with a document demanding strict adherence to style rules, our tool is here to streamline the text or title case conversion process and help you change the case without fuss.

Using our handy tools you’ll be able to save tons of time.

How to use Free Case Converter

User-friendliness is at the heart of our case converter tool and all other tools we make.

To convert case in your text or title, or capitalize your headline, follow this easy step-by-step instruction:

  1. Copy your content from the document or word processor you’re using.
  2. Paste it into the text area at the top of this web page.
  3. Click the button with the case that matches the transformation you want to apply to your text.
  4. Voila! Now you can either copy the transformed text manually or click the Copy button at the lower right corner of the screen and then paste your text from the clipboard to the document you need.

Key features of Free Case Converter

Our tools are super easy to use. Below, you’ll find a description of all the features that you’ll find in Free Case Converter.

Title Case

Perfect for the headlines of your blog posts, or a book title, this title capitalization feature automatically capitalizes the first letter of each word, with some exceptions. It ensures your text is professionally formatted and ready for publication.

Simply paste the text, click Title Case, and watch your title convert case in seconds.

Note, that the title capitalization feature in our case transforming tool adheres to the APA capitalization guidelines.

APA title case is a specific style of capitalization commonly used in academic writing, particularly in the American Psychological Association (APA) format. It is a set of rules that determines which words in a title or heading should use capitalization and which should be in lowercase.

In APA title cases, the following words are capitalized:

  • The first word of the title or heading.
  • The first word after a colon, em dash, or an opening parenthesis.
  • Proper nouns (e.g., names of people, places, organizations).
  • Subordinating conjunctions (e.g., although, because, unless).
  • TMajor words (e.g., nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs) with more than four letters.

Conversely, the following words are generally written in lowercase in APA title case:

  • Articles (e.g., a, an, the).
  • Coordinating conjunctions (e.g., and, but, or).
  • Prepositions (e.g., of, in, on, at, by).

Using our handy tools you’ll be able to save tons of time.

However, the rules may vary in different contexts, so it's always advisable to consult the specific style guide or requirements of your institution or publication when you capitalize the text.

Using the APA title case ensures consistency and professionalism in academic writing, facilitating clarity and uniformity across research papers and scholarly works.

Sentence case

Sentence case is a style of capitalization in which the first letter of a sentence is capitalized, while the rest of the sentence is in lowercase, except for proper nouns and other words that are typically capitalized.

When you need to convert your text or a document to a sentence case, the first word of a sentence always begins with a capital letter. This includes the first words of a standalone sentence, as well as the first word after a period, question mark, exclamation point, or other punctuation marks that indicate the end of a sentence.

Our sentence case generator works according to general capitalization rules and is designed to capitalize every first letter of a sentence.

Proper nouns, which include names of people, places, organizations, and specific titles, also start with a capital letter in sentence case. For example, "John Smith," "New York City," and "Harvard University" would all use capitalization.

Other elements that are typically capitalized in sentence case include:

  • Acronyms and abbreviations: For example, NASA, CEO, or U.S.
  • A title or a heading: The first letter of each major word is capitalized, while articles, conjunctions, and prepositions are typically lowercase unless they are the first word.
  • Quotes: The first letter of a quote is capitalized if it is the beginning of a sentence or a standalone quote.

Sentence case is commonly used in everyday writing, such as emails, social media posts, and informal documents. It provides a natural flow to sentences and is generally easier to read.


The upper case generator is pretty basic. It enables you to automatically convert your text or titles to all upper case letters for maximum emphasis. It’s programmed to capitalize all letters in all words.

lower case

The lower case generator converts your text into all lower case letters. It lowers case of any word when you need to uncapitalize text. This feature is ideal for a less formal or more subdued communication style, or if you want to make your keyword list consistent, for instance.

First Letter

The first letter generator will capitalize just the first letter of each word, the remaining characters will be in small letters. 

It's a quick and easy way to correct text that starts in lower case. When you select to convert your text to this case, every first letter in all words will use capitalization.


This fun style option alternates the case of each character in your text. The alternate generator is a playful choice for informal communication or unique design elements.

Here is an example:

Original text: "hello, how are you?"

Alternate case: "hElLo, HoW aRe YoU?"

This style is often used in informal communication or for stylistic emphasis. It's also quite popular in internet memes and certain forms of online communication. It is generally not used in formal writing or professional communication, as it can be considered distracting or hard to read.


The toggle generator switches all upper case letters to lower case, and vice versa. Simply paste your text or phrases into the text area and select the corresponding feature.

Toggle case is a text formatting style that alternates between uppercase and lowercase letters within a given text. It transforms the case of each letter, flipping uppercase letters to lowercase and lowercase letters to uppercase, resulting in a unique and eye-catching appearance. It’s also a handy feature when you’ve forgotten to disable caps.

For example, if you apply a toggle case to the sentence "Hello, World!", it would be transformed to "hELLO, wORLD!" The case of each letter is toggled (uppercase becomes lowercase, and lowercase becomes uppercase), giving the text a distinct visual effect.

Toggle case is often used to add a playful or decorative element to text. It can be employed in various contexts, such as designing logos, creating attention-grabbing headlines, or simply expressing a sense of fun in informal communication.

Using a toggle case is also a great way to correct your text if you’ve been typing for a long time with caps lock enabled. This way, all your upper case letters will become lower case, and lower case letters will become upper case. So you don’t need to start from scratch if you’ve forgotten to switch off your caps.

Clear all text

Need to delete all text or a title within the text input field? Start fresh with this feature.

We understand that writing is a dynamic process, and changes are an integral part of it. That's why we have included the "clear all text" feature, which lets you remove all text (title) from the tool's text area, providing a clean slate for your next piece of content.

One click clears the text area, ready for your next piece of text to convert.

Copy all text

Finished with your title and text transformations? This feature allows you to copy your newly formatted text with just one click.

Locate and click the copy icon at the lower right corner of the text area and you’re good to go. The only thing that is left is to paste the ready-made text to any application you need.

Bonus feature: word count and character count

There’s also a bonus feature for you. In the lower left corner, you’ll find the word and character count widget.

Benefits of using Free Case Converter

Our Text Case Converter tools aren't just free — they are efficient, user-friendly, and lightning-fast. It’s your go-to application to capitalize word titles, change uppercase to lowercase, and more.

Novelists fine-tuning their latest masterpiece or titles, students needing a crisp report, or SEO professionals preparing an essential piece of content, everyone can benefit from the time and energy saved. The case tool is here to make text transformation easier than ever.

Whether you're aiming for an authoritative tone with uppercase letters, a standard professional tone with sentence case, or a casual, friendly tone with lowercase, our tool ensures that your text case aligns perfectly with your communication goals.

You'll also appreciate the value of this tool when dealing with text that's mistakenly been written in the caps lock mode. Rather than retyping the whole text, a single click can rectify the error and all your lower case letters will become upper case, and upper case, easy and fast, will become lower case. Similarly, for those instances when you want to emphasize a point strongly, converting your text to uppercase can be done effortlessly.

Notably, our case text tool isn't limited to traditional case styles alone. The toggle case, which alternates between upper and lower case letters, or the alternate case, which capitalizes every other letter, offers you the chance to explore unique, attention-grabbing text styles.

The value of the Free Case Converter Tool extends beyond convenience and time-saving. It also contributes significantly to improving the quality of your text and title. A document's style consistency, readability, and visual impression can all be enhanced simply by using the correct text transform feature.

Particularly handy for writers, editors, students, SEOs, and anyone dealing with text or title manipulation, Free Text Case Converter saves you from the tedious, manual task of changing the case of the text. 

The software enables you to perform various text transformations, such as capitalizing, converting your text case from uppercase to lowercase, or making the whole text uppercase. Need to transform lowercase to uppercase – the tool can do that as well.

And it's not just about the large documents — it's equally adept at transforming a single sentence, a tweet, an email, or a catchy advertising slogan. Changing lower case to upper case has never been that easy.

To sum all the benefits up, the Free Case Converter tools are an innovative, versatile, and indispensable online application that enables you to manipulate text case effortlessly and instantly. It's a testament to how technology can simplify and enhance our daily tasks, making your writing process smoother and more enjoyable. 

Try our tools today, and experience the transformation it brings to your writing journey.

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