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Keyword Gap Analysis Tool

Find the missing pieces of your content strategy — competitors' SEO keywords your site doesn't rank for.
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The easiest way to find and fill your content gaps

A no-brainer competitive research tool to identify new keyword opportunities.
Enter your website and specify search engine
Specify if you need keyword gap for a whole domain or a URL
Choose a keyword gap analysis method
Specify competitors' websites (you can add up to 5)
Hit Analyze and enjoy new keyword opportunities

Get full access to the Keyword Gap Analysis Tool

Free Keyword Gap Analysis Tool can give you a lot of insight into your competitors' content strategy. Yet, if you want to enjoy the unlimited functionality of competitor research options, turn to Rank Tracker.
Spot a keyword gap between you and your competitors
Keyword gap analysis gives you insights into the competitors' original optimization techniques, so you can find out where you lag behind the competition and consider filling gaps.
See crucial metrics of your competitors' keywords
Keyword analysis for SEO metrics such as competition, difficulty, and CPC allows identifying highly relevant keywords important to optimize for.
Get a list of new keyword opportunities for your website
Following the fluctuation on SERPs and getting results compared is crucial if you want to stay on top of the competition.

Discover the full potential of the Keyword Gap method Download Rank Tracker now to get a list of new keyword opportunities for any website in any niche (total keyword analysis with search volume, PPC costs and SEO difficulty analyzed at once).

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Another crucial piece of competitive intelligence data

Get a list of new keyword opportunities for any website in any niche (total keyword analysis with search volume, PPC costs and SEO difficulty analyzed at once).
Use Rank Tracker's Ranking Keywords module to discover what keywords your competitors rank for
Discover exact keywords any site is ranking for right now

In the Ranking Keywords dashboard, select the region you're targeting, paste any site into the search box, choose between Desktop and Mobile, and click Search. The keyword tool will supply a list of key terms that the site is ranking for on Google SERPs.

Inspect competitors' landing pages

In the Rank Tracking module, analyze SERP fluctuations for your target keywords. Look at your competitors' landing pages that rank high for particular keywords. By analyzing their content, you can get new ideas for your own content strategy.

Explore SERP fluctuations
Track changes in competitors' keyword rankings
Track changes in competitors' keyword rankings

Add your competitors to your regular keyword analysis report within the project in Preferences > Competitors. In the Rank Tracking module, click Show Competitors on the top panel and select those you'd like to see in the dashboard. Follow how rankings of your competitors change over time and compare them with your own. A detailed keyword analysis will show where you've succeeded and where you need to improve.

Find new organic competitors

Are you new to the niche? Discover all SEO competitors in a similar area with Rank Tracker. Go to Preferences > Competitors and click the Suggest button. Paste or select the necessary keyword, pick a search engine, and click Next to get a list of competitors based on your keywords analysis.

Find new organic competitors

Get even more keyword ideas with Rank Tracker Keyword Gap is only one of the 20+ keyword research methods available in SEO. Access all of them absolutely free in Rank Tracker.

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What is keyword gap in SEO?

In SEO, a keyword gap is a set of keywords that one or several your competitors rank for, but you don't.

What is keyword overlap?

Keyword overlap is much similar to keyword cannibalization, a phenomenon when several pages of yours target the same keyword and thus underperform. But unlike cannibalization, keyword overlap is observed when your and your competitors' pages target the same keyword or set of keywords. In other words, this is a set of keywords you already have in common.

What is keyword gap analysis?

Keyword gap analysis is the process of finding keywords that your competitors successfully use in their content strategy, but you don't. These keywords will help you get new ranking opportunities to outperform your search competitors.

How do I do a keyword gap analysis?

To do a comprehensive keyword gap analysis, you need a powerful SEO tool. You can download Rank Tracker, or you can use the research tool on this page to get a first glance on your competitors' keywords.

How do I find keyword opportunities?

To find new keyword opportunities for your website, you need to conduct a comprehensive keyword research. The Keyword Research module of Rank Tracker lets you do this on the spot without the need to switch different tools, as all of your favorite keyword research tools are integrated right there. Used together, these sources will give you thousands of keyword opportunities you wouldn't have found elsewhere:

Google Ads Keyword Planner – get keywords from the richest Google's database.
Misspelled Words – Find popular misspellings that people type into search boxes.
Keyword Gap – Find competitors' SEO keywords you don't rank for.
Related Searches – Get keywords from Google, Bing, and Ask Related Searches sections.
TF-IDF content analysis – Find out your competitors' most meaningful keywords on the basis of TF-IDF content analysis.
Word Mixer – Mix up the keywords on the list to build new keyphrases.
YouTube Autosuggest – See the most popular keywords on YouTube.
Questions Autocomplete – Find out the most popular questions that people look in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.
Word Combination – Combine several keyword lists to create new long-tail keyphrases.
Google Search Console – Get a list of keywords that already bring traffic to your site.
Amazon Suggestions – Pull keywords from Amazon's suggestions for the search box (a true Klondike for ecommerce sites).
Ranking keywords – Find all SEO keywords a website currently ranks for.

What is keyword gap vs content gap?

While keyword gaps focus on the keywords that you're not using in your SEO strategy, content gap identifies the topics that you don't cover on your website but your competitors do.

What is a keyword gap analysis tool?

The keyword gap analysis tool is a piece of software that lets you compare the keywords you and your competitors rank for in order to find those keywords that your competitors have and you don't.

What is a keyword gap report?

A keyword gap report is a list of new keyword opportunities well-presented visually. Most often, keywords in this report are presented as a keyword table together with their ranking data (potential traffic, keyword difficulty, CPC, etc.) and the competitor's site where the keyword was found on.
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