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Free Word Counter – Count Words and Characters

A simple words & characters counter with basic text analysis
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Word Counting Tool: free, fast, and helpful!

Our Word Counter is quick, easy to use, and always available for you anywhere you are. You don't need to download or install any software or plugins. It is free to use and stays at hand any time you need. Bookmark this word counter – we are sure you will find it helpful and want to use it again!

1.Who may need the word counter and character counter tools?

There are cases when we need to count words asap. For example, a college teacher may want to check the number of words in an essay. Or a job-seeker needs to calculate the number of words in an assignment while doing some text analysis along the way. The Word Counter will be helpful for academic writing, copywriting, editing, and tons of other writing tasks.

2.How is this Word Counter different from other word calculators available online?

Our Word Counter performs all the same basic actions that any other word calculator does. It counts words, characters with and without spaces, sentences, and whole paragraphs.

On top of that, it lets you identify the most prominent words and phrases and estimate their frequency in a text. It is the ultimate metric in keyword optimization of content, so you can use it to optimize texts and make them SEO-friendly.

3.How can the Word Counter help your SEO?

The word count tool will help you track the length of your content and meet writing standards to get better results. There is no direct impact of word count on SEO rankings. However, this metric is important, and there are a few interesting facts about word count to consider before choosing the right word count metric for your next piece of writing:

  • Long-form content (which generally counts from 1,000 to 20,000 words) tends to rank for more keywords.
  • Thin content (and it is an SEO issue because such content struggles to rank) is generally associated with a low word count. The problem is not about the number of words but rather about the page giving little value to the visitors.
  • Online users read around 20% of content on a web page; the most popular reading techniques on the web are skimming and scanning.

4.How to determine the perfect text length in a writing task for content creation?

In many cases, word count is not relevant – it matters whether the text puts the message across very well and satisfies the reader's search intent. However, in SEO and content marketing, there are certain trends showing what types of articles are most-read and shared.

Check the top-ranking pages and see their content length – this is your expected text length that ranks well for your keyword. You can calculate the average word count on the top 10 ranking pages. Additionally, pay attention to the range from the minimum word count to the maximum. There is no ideal text length, every type of content has its own word count standards.

5.What is the maximum character count in posts on different social media?

Character count is crucial for writing formats where content is limited by the layout: newspapers, magazines, and on social media. Some social media allow writing limitless posts, but as a rule, short-form content gets more eyeballs on social networks.

The character counter will help you fit into the limit of popular networks, such as:

Twitter – up to 280 characters
Instagram 2,200 characters
Reddit 40,000 for a post and 10,000 for a comment
Facebook 63,206 characters for a posting and 8,000 characters for a comment
YouTube 5,000 characters for a description

6.What are the limits on the character count in a meta snippet?

There is no precisely defined character limit on meta titles, but SEOs recommend keeping your title tags within the 50 – 60 characters range.

The meta description is limited to 160 characters. Remember that search engines may cut and even change your titles and meta descriptions if they exceed or lack the desired length.

7.What is word frequency?

It is the number of times a word appears in a text. The more the word appears in a text, the more important it is to the context. This term is linked to the Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency algorithm (TF-IDF) that different tools, including our word counter in Content Editor, can use in competitive research. The Word Counter identifies common keywords in a corpus of texts (such as the top 10 ranking pages), which means these words are highly relevant to the given topic.

8.What is keyword density?

It is the percentage or the ratio of the number of times a word appears in the content to the total number of words in the text. A high keyword density indicates that the keyword is prominent and probably is the main subject of the text. Note that keyword density as well as keyword frequency is not a ranking factor. However, keyword usage serves as a helping hand for SEO writers who optimize pages to rank organically. Keyword usage is part of on-page SEO factors that determine page's relevance to a topic, and it can be linked to issues like keyword stuffing.

9.What are alternative ways of counting words?

Word counter is a trivial feature that is part of any writing tool. You can count words in MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs, and most writing tools, free and paid, available in the market. But our Word Counter is unique in such a way that it not only counts words but also sums up how many times this or that keyword shows up in a text.

This way, you can spot the focus keyword in a text (which is in fact the target SEO keyword). You can notice what words or phrases repeat too often and refine your written text.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the online Word and Character Counter work?

Our online Character Counter can count letters and punctuation marks with and without white spaces. The Character Counter accepts texts in Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. Some issues may occur with languages using diacritic signs. Copy and paste the text in the empty space, and the tool will instantly count the number of words and symbols in the field.

Is your Word Counter tool really free?

The Word Counter and Character Counter tool is available absolutely free of charge. And to bring your SEO writing to the next level, you can try other tools which go in freemium plans but still allow doing plenty of research and content creation for free: Rank Tracker for finding content ideas and Content Editor for web page optimization.

What are stop words?

Stop words are any words one would want to exclude from the word count analysis. Tick the checkbox Exclude the stop words, and in the field below, enter the words you want to omit from analysis. Use a comma as a separator.

What is the maximum number of words or characters that it counts?

The word count tool has limits of up to 10,000 on the number of words for you to check at a time. This is done to avoid slowing down your PC, since the tool works client-side, and it all relies on your PC resources.

How do you evaluate the readability score?

To assess the readability level of your text, we adapted the Automated Readability Index for English speakers. It is derived from ratios of word difficulty (number of letters per word) and sentence difficulty (number of words per sentence).

If the output gets the highest score (marked as Hard), this equates to the reading level of college students in their second year of studies. A Very Easy level means that junior pupils (ages 8-9 years old) should be able to read and understand the text.