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White Label SEO Software —
Tool to Create Impressive Reports for Clients

Any SEO professional knows the value of neat and clear SEO reports that explain your job at a glance. SEO PowerSuite's reporting tools allow you to compile any kind of a white label SEO report tailored to your specific needs. If you deal with SEO reselling or private label SEO, you will surely enjoy these white label features.

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How to set up white label SEO reports in SEO PowerSuite tools.

Our client reporting tools let you generate elegant reports to present insights and data to your clients with full clarity. You decide yourself what your branded reports will look like, what SEO data it will include, and how you will deliver them to your customers.

white label SEO reports

Add your white label info in project settings.

In any project, go to Global Preferences and add your company information: type in the company name, the website and email address, upload the logo.

Then go to Project Preferences and add the company information of your client. Then, in the Reports module, you pick the type of SEO report you need (there are a number of ready-made templates for typical tasks).

The custom white label marks will be displayed in the header and the footer of your report according to your settings.

white label report set-up

Customize white label fields in the report template.

What company information do you want to see in your SEO reports?

Click on a reporting template and hit the edit button to enter the editing mode. Then click on the header or the footer widgets to enable the editing mode for them. Next, define custom fields to be presented in your white label SEO report: for example, in the title field you can set your custom name of the report, the date when the audit was held, or the time period over which the report is presented.

Choose to display your own logo or the client's logo (or none). Write additional information in the description, for example, show your email in the header to contact you immediately to order services.

edit white label report templates

Fully customizable white label SEO reports.

SEO reports in SEO PowerSuite are fully customizable: you can edit pre-designed reporting templates, create a custom white label SEO report from scratch, and generate them manually or set a task to generate automated reports on autopilot.

Custom white label design.

The add-and-drop editor allows editing every widget to define which SEO data will be presented in the graphs, edit the layout, add the data that you want to be included, or remove unnecessary widgets. You can either modify the ready-made templates or create a new template from scratch.

There are several default color schemes that users apply to any template from editing settings. On top of that, you can create your custom color scheme: edit colors, fonts, letter size, shadows etc. to make your white label SEO reports match the unique style of the company.

drag-n-drop editor

Full automation for client reporting.

SEO PowerSuite's reporting tools give broad possibilities for automated reporting. You are free to decide how you will deliver your white label SEO reports to clients. In project settings, pick to create a publishing profile and choose whether you will send SEO reports by email, print out a PDF, or share a link to in-cloud storage.

The publishing workflow ensures that you have an accurate data handling and simple user management. Create folders for separate users or for dates when you hold the checkups, append username, project name, or the date of the checkups to the title of your SEO report – all these features will help you keep the reports in order and not miss a thing.

share white label SEO reports automatically

Pick the right time to send your white label SEO report.

Automation features across all SEO PowerSuite's tools allow running custom checks and alerts when you want it.

Set up to perform a task, choose the publishing profile, and indicate the recurrence when to send the reports to clients (this can be once, daily, weekly, or monthly reporting). Name your task and save it to your task management dashboard.

The tool will run your task on autopilot in a stand-by mode. You can switch sending automation reports on and off, and enable the alert to run missed tasks immediately upon restart.

schedule automatic tasks

Use white label SEO reporting to build company-client relations in a trusted way.

Offering a white label SEO report with sorted out stats, you will surely create the impression of a serious business. Completing tasks in time, being up to the point, showing only a few digits to say a lot, and staying always in sight – this is what creates a true professional pleasant to deal with. The well-planned workflow unburdens SEOs from daily marketing routine and lets them switch to more demanding tasks.

Promote your services with a white label SEO report.

Use the white label SEO report to pitch new clients. If you are in search of new customers, advertise your services by offering a free website audit or an SEO consultation. People who know nothing of SEO or need help badly with their site rankings will be impressed even by a basic website audit. When you present the report to potential clients, include your white label domain info, contact email and logo, to have them memorize your branding. Even if they do not turn into paying customers immediately, in future, your company name will ring a bell to them.

White label reporting tools for SEO outsourcing.

Rank tracking reports.

Rank Tracker software has several default templates covering Keyword Rankings and Online Visibility, Competition Rankings, Domain Strength, Keyword Rankings for the selected groups you need to track in your specific project, the organic Website Traffic that the keywords have brought to your site over the set duration. Based on them, you can compile your custom white label SEO report.

competition rankings SEO report

Run the tool to check where the site stands on Google SERPs, and what can be done to improve its online visibility. Use the white label SEO report from the tracker tool to show the client what their site already ranks for. Then do keyword research and analyze the competition to discover new ranking opportunities, estimate the value of organic search and PPC campaigns. Observe how your keyword rankings grow after you make keyword optimization changes on landing pages, and check if organic traffic and conversions increase in the meantime (pipe these data from Google Analytics integration).

White label SEO audit report.

If a site struggles to make its way to Google's top and never succeeds, most surely, it is because the resource has been neglected from the point of view of SEO. WebSite Auditor is an SEO audit tool that instantly finds technical issues, fixing which most likely will boost the site's positions. Offer your white label SEO audit showing which technical errors exist.

There are templates for SEO Audit Summary, focusing on overall domain strength and SEO and SEO Audit Detailed Report with a deeper analysis, including the list of pages and resources that cause the issues. Or do a page audit for individual pages, covering on-page optimization rate and necessary improvements to implement on them.

white label SEO audit report

White label domain strength audit.

Consider different off-line metrics like domain strength, social mentions and backlinks, since these factors are crucial to ranking high in search results. SEO SpyGlass backlink checker is a beast of auditing tools discovering thousands of backlinks in a matter of minutes. Try the white label SEO report covering how a site's backlink profile grew over time. Discover the site's online competitors and review their standing – this gives a small clue to website owners how to develop their digital marketing strategies.

domain strength SEO report

White label SEO report for outreach managers.

As many companies rely on external link building service, LinkAssistant's white label SEO report is just the right thing to assess the efforts of your link building manager. For the simplest use, verify how many backlinks are live, how many backlinks have been gained over a month or during a specific outreach campaign. On a much broader scale, you can use the prospecting tool practically for any marketing task. The basic report allows estimating how many new prospects have been acquired, and at what stage your digital manager is staying in the communication pipeline.

white label SEO report for outreach

Still in two minds about your preferred white label SEO tools?

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The possibility to create a white label SEO report is available in the Enterprise version of all four SEO tools in SEO PowerSuite (check out the products and pricing page here).