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Egg Hunt Day 3: Gandalf’s Riddle

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Egg Hunt

Good day, you fearless dragon egg hunters!

Ready for Day 3? We have some awesome prizes for you today. Now, this time, we managed to get a clue from none other than Gandalf the Grey himself!

But because he is a wizard, he talks in riddles sometimes:

It Has No Wings, And Yet It Flies. Its Power In The Air Lies.

We think you’ll need additional clues to figure out what the Wizard meant by this.

Day 3 clues:

Clue #1

We’re pretty sure the riddle talks about one of our allies. Use the map to figure it out and then go to that ally’s site.

Clue #2

When you get there, introduce yourself, so that the hosts give you that which they long to give away for free.

Clue #3

Then join the noble gathering and find the chat room where Strider speaks.

Clue #4

Follow Strider’s hints and get to the site that has been pointed out to you.

Clue #5

Now look for the place where gold is. To find it, look at the reflection of gold in the mirror.

Clue #6

When you find the gold, there will be a cloud there with a demonstration in it.

Clue #7

Take one extra step to get the egg – and hurry up to throw the answer into the flames of Mount Oracle:

Hidden Clue

You can get an extra clue if you share this in one of the social networks:

Facebook Share

Just do one share, and the clue will show below



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