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SEO Christmas in GIF

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seo christmas in gif

Christmas is a magic time yet we sometimes have to face everyday problems even at best times of our lives. How can an SEO survive this day, cope with mad clients and still enjoy Christmas? We tried to imagine it in this post.

One day that is supposed to be your day off, you just want to sleep a bit longer...

wake up gif











Then you suddenly realize it's Christmas!

happy christmas











You're are imagining how you'll spend this day at your computer, have rest, drink beer and maybe even finish this article on Author Rank.

dancing man gif











When your wife says that you gotta buy soome food, Christmas tree and walk the dog.

excuse me











Still you agree to walk the dog,

walk the dog











you get the tree,

xmas tree











and buy "just a couple of products" your wife forgot to buy yesterday.

alone at home











Finally you can have some time for yourself and do some real SEO stuff!











You check your ranking and realize they dropped! Oh you, Google...

surprise gif











Your SEO friend calls you and says he suspects it's an unknown algo update. Outside you're like

whatever gif











But inside...

shit gif











Then you get a call on another line, it's your client and he thinks their site was penalized.

aniston phone call











You promise to take care of it ASAP and are back to the conversation with your friend.

my work sucks











Then your wife suddenly comes in and sees you're about to check your clients' Google Analytics.

turn off computer gif











She says your little son has other plans for this Xmas. Nope, they are not SEO-related.

christmas plan gif











You agree without hesitations. Amost.

mobile hide gif











And when your kid is playing like a little Penguin...

christmas play gif











You do your best to understand what the heck is going on with traffic and rankings.

searching web











Then your parents arrive and your dad is mad at you because you still "do some strange things on the web" on holiday. You're like

lucky parents gif











Time for the Christmas family photo!

family photo gif











You silently ask your wife if you could finally find some quiet place and work a bit. She's like

no honey gif











You try to contradict, but it's not working

shut up gif











The family sits at the table when your daughter says your client has just called and wants to talk to you immediately. You're like

bring him in gif











You do your best to explain that you haven't found any problems, it just seems to be a seasonal drop, but it's not that easy...

listen gif











Looks like it's time you made a decision, and you decide to hang up the phone.

it's christmas gif











Your daughter is like...

you are special gif











Suddenly your mother says that she believes Hummingbird will be more a valuable addition to the Search rather than another pain for SEO. You're like

mulan gif











First you think that you're hearing things

I'm drunk gif











You ask your mom what that was.

not regular mom gif











And then you realize the whole family decided to make fun of you because you were too concentrated on traffic, rankings, Google and SEO.

all happy gif











Finally you give up, you're ready to enjoy Christmas spirit!

give me some food gif











You just enjoy the time with your family and finally ready to say sincerely

merry christmas gif











P.S. In the meantime at your SEO friend's house...

working gif











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