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The long awaited social tool is just round the corner!

This summer was busy, September even busier and now in October the team is just sweating, boiling and heating over the new social media management tool (which SEO PowerSuite owners will get at very sweet special conditions – just read on to learn more).

UPD: BuzzBundle is now public. Please check it out here at the official homepage of BuzzBundle social media management software.

Can you smell something great cooking?

We know you've been intrigued for months, and the tension is only growing. We're getting dozens of requests asking when the social app will show up, and what it's gonna do.

All right, we've been bad guys… hiding the truth – yet our fans have already smelled something great cooking.

Want a quick look?

We're not disclosing much, but to fuel the intrigue... It's gonna be called BuzzBundle. And today we're disclosing its screens for the first time ever.

Here's a screen from the profiles section:

And this is what the streams could look like:

Ever since we started testing the tool in-house for our own social profiles and reputation management, we've been packing it up with more features and improvements. It's a product of inspiration, experience and extreme practicality (yup, there are some really dull folks on the team too ;) )

So when's the big day?

And… we couldn't hold back from sharing the news, because today the developers confirmed the release date. Boom! It will be November 20. Just before Thanksgiving. Easy to remember :)

What's inside?

Multiple personas and profiles

Multiple personas and profiles

  • Create multiple personas (1 user, many personalities)
  • Add existing profiles and register new ones automatically
  • Grow data-rich, active social profiles
  • Easily switch between personas and their profiles
Reputation management

Reputation management

  • Generate and moderate conversations
  • Monitor conversations about your company/brand
  • Join conversations as a company representative or in disguise
  • Follow or join conversations about competitors
More buzz, better control

More buzz, better control

  • Track mentions of competitors and participate in discussions
  • Distribute announcements to multiple websites
  • See how your viral campaigns spread real time, across all sites
  • Schedule postings and announcements
Surfing streams

Surfing streams

  • Mark the most important discussions as favorite
  • Create multiple streams and workspaces
  • Quickfilter the streams

A cherry on this social cake

We promised special conditions for active users of SEO PowerSuite and we keep the word.

Having the full pack of SEO PowerSuite Professional or Enterprise is your guarantee to get 75% off BuzzBundle price on the announcement day.

BuzzBundle. Get 75% off

So if you don't have an SEO PowerSuite license yet, it's the best moment ever to get one and automatically book your discount coupon for the upcoming social tool:

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