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For Social Media Marketing we recommend Awario.

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BuzzBundle lets you:

  • Create separate personas to post under (e.g., your company's CEO, PR manager, support representative, etc.) and manage them conveniently in one workspace.
  • Run profiles on social networks, blogs and forums for each persona. We're not limiting the number of profiles you can manage.
  • Easily switch between users when posting to social networks (no need to log in and out of accounts!)
  • Manage your brand's reputation by keeping track of discussions that mention your keywords or website URL.
  • View the actual webpage a post is located at in BuzzBundle's internal browser.
  • Leave comments, retweet tweets and send private messages right from the software.
  • Schedule postings for any time you need (delayed posting).
  • Post announcements to multiple social profiles at once — either in real time or by using the scheduler.
  • Create beautiful-looking reports on all your social media activities and campaigns in a matter of seconds.
  • Add important conversations to favorites to check on them later.
  • Keep track of what people say about your competitors in the social media (you can track competitor mentions by their keywords or URLs, too).
  • See all your links from social networks.
  • And more!

This social management software works on any operating system, lets you manage social for any country and language and speaks several languages.

This SEO software works on any operating system, optimizes sites in any language and for any country's search engines and is available in different interface languages.


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