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BuzzBundle features

Browse though all BuzzBundle's unique buzz-generating features and see how this powerful tool lets your business storm full force into the social media Web.

Dozens of social accounts managed by one person

BuzzBundle is a one-stop solution to post, respond, and engage in conversations on any social platform, with any number of social accounts, and all in a matter seconds.

Create different personas

Act and join discussions on the Web as different people (you, company's PR rep, CEO, customer care or whoever you have to represent as part of your job).

Add unlimited social accounts for each persona

Set up Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media accounts for each of your personas.

Easy switching between accounts

Pick a persona and a social account to post under in a click of a mouse.

One-click bulk announcements to all accounts

Write once, publish everywhere! Link up your social media accounts and publish your messages to all of them at once.

The broadest social media coverage

Use every chance to support your brand with BuzzBundle's huge list of supported social media resources.

Twitter - Monitor mentions
- Send tweets
- Schedule tweets
- Post tweet replies
- Retweet
Facebook - Manage business pages
- Send messages
- Schedule posts
- Comment
- Like
Google+ - Monitor mentions
- Post replies
- Add posts to your pages
- Schedule replies
- Comment
- +1s
LinkedIn - Monitor mentions
- Publish updates
- Schedule posts
- Send direct messages
- Comment, share, like
Youtube - Monitor mentions
- Post videos to your channel
- Keep track of your subscribers list
- Comment
- Like/dislike videos and comments
- Schedule video uploads and comments
Forums, Blogs, Q&A - Monitor mentions
- Send messages
- Schedule posts

Add other resources

Tell us what other media resources you'd like BuzzBundle to support!
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Easy posting and scheduling

Create and customize different types of messages without leaving BuzzBundle.

Create any kinds of messages

Comment, retweet, reply, send private messages – all from within the software.

Attach Images

Easily add images to the posts you publish.

Shorten links

If your messages contain long URLs (or affiliate URLs you wish to hide), automatically wrap them with the in-built URL shortener.

Effective reputation management

Generate positive buzz to push down any negative comments. Create strong online presence and maximize outreach.

See who's talking about your brand or keywords

Read and respond to what people are saying about your brand across the social Web.

Find reviews and recommendations

See all of your customers' reviews and recommendations, to keep track of your brand's social image.

Join the talks to get positive attitude for your brand

Answer any comments or questions about your brand. Generate positive buzz to squeeze out your niche competitors.

Social SEO to boost your site's rankings

Get maximum SEO juice from your social activities and push your site straight to the top of Google.

Find all your links in social media

See who's linking to your site from social media, blogs, forums.

Build quality links in social media

Promote your site in Google with quality links from your social media publications.

See how your competitors are running social SEO

See if your competitors are getting links from social media and find the most SEO-productive places to link-build yourself.

Optimal workflow organization

Run your social media campaign the most convenient and time-efficient way.

Schedule postings, messages and announcements

Create any number of posts and schedule when you want them to be published.

Use proxies to hide actual location

Don't want your location to be detected? Join conversations incognito – from behind a proxy.

Show the results of your social media work

All your recent social activities are put together into one convenient list.

Switch to the fully-functional internal browser

View the actual webpage a post is located on without leaving BuzzBundle.

Flexible working area and advanced filtering options

Quick-search your conversations, remove any messages, customize the data to display and more.

Add important discussions to favorites

Always keep an eye on your most important conversations, adding them to favorites.

Competitors' mentions tracking

Keep an eye on your competitors and who's talking about them - stay two steps ahead of of you niche competition.

  • Monitor competitors' mentions
  • Add your competitors' keywords or URLs
  • Join discussions about competitors
  • Keep track of competitors' social SEO

Advanced social media analytics and reports

Measure the impact of your social media campaigns and report their effectiveness to your clients with BuzzBundle’s reports.

  • Powerful social media analytics to track the impact of your social campaigns.
  • Custom date comparison to evaluate campaigns side by side & track their effectiveness over time.
  • White-labeling & customizability for first-class client reporting.
  • Responsive design so that your social media reports look fab on any device.