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BuzzBundle and HootSuite review: which SMM software is worth it?

HootSuite is a web-based tool for social media management. It allows posting to several social media networks and performing actions like sending private messages, retweets and more. The HootSuite workplace is adjustable and allows showing only those streams that you need to read right now.

At first glance HootSuite seems to be a rather powerful social media instrument with a modern interface and pretty likable features. But let's see how it can be compared with BuzzBundle and which tool is better.


HootSuite Pro
10 keyword groups to track mentions for 100 keywords per project + -
Save history of social communications + +
Track mentions in all types of social sources + -
Separate personas (acting as different people or groups) + +
Connecting all your social profiles + +
Easy switching between profiles + +
Easy post sharing to all the profiles + +
Posting from different locations using proxy + -
Customizable working area + +
100% data and accounts security + +
Link shortening + +
Q&A, forums and blogs
Blog posting + +
Forum posting + -
Posting on Yahoo! Answers + -
Retweets + +
Post Twitter replies + +
Twitter direct messages + +
Schedule Twitter posting + +
Unlimited number of tweets to schedule + -
Posting on Facebook + +
Schedule Facebook posting + +
Facebook business wall posting + +
Facebook comments + +
Unlimited number of Facebook posts to schedule + -
Facebook likes + +
Send messages from business page + +
Google+ personal page posting + -
Managing Google+ business pages + +
Facebook likes + +
Post Google+ replies + +
Schedule Google+ replies + -
Unlimited number of Google+ replies to schedule + -
Post LinkedIn status updates + +
Schedule LinkedIn posts + +
Unlimited number of LinkedIn posts to schedule + -
Post LinkedIn comments + +
YouTube + -

Well, now you can clearly see from the table above that HootSuite, although covering a decent number of social media networks, lacks two important groups of features if compared with BuzzBundle.

Here's where HootSuite lacks behind:

1) Although HootSuite allows posting to blogs, there is no opportunity to use Yahoo! Answers and forums in your social media campaign. It can be a serious disadvantage, as these sources may hold a significant part of the target audience.

2) HootSuite provides less features for raising brand awareness, tracking brands mentions and managing reputation. Unlike HootSuite, BuzzBundle allows to track all brand mentions and join conversations not only on social media, but also on blogs, forums and Q&A websites. What is more, BuzzBundle allows to use groups of keywords, which is more convenient in any ways, and you can open all the found pages in the internal browser.

What is more, HootSuite scheduler options are limited:

Even a paid version of HootSuite has a limitation for the number of scheduled posts. BuzzBundle's scheduler proves much more effective, letting you schedule an unlimited number of posts for your convenience and the best social media results.

So, the conclusion is evident: BuzzBundle approaches your social media presence smarter and more effective – with wider range of social sources and with now functionality limitations!

So try BuzzBundle's powerful features for yourself - get your copy now!

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