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BuzzBundle and TweetDeck review: which SMM software is better?

TweetDeck is a social media tool which is now supported and owned by Twitter. It is free and includes a web version and a desktop variant, which are pretty much similar in features. Also a Chrome extension and a mobile Android app are available to use this SMM tool. TweetDeck is a rather popular piece of social software, but is it good for you? Let's check whether BuzzBundle is a proper alternative and which app is the most useful to deal with SMM tasks.

BuzzBundle has a free and a paid version and is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, whereas TweetDeck has only Windows and Mac OS versions.


Save history of social communications + -
Track all brand mentions + -
5 competition websites to get more niche buzz + -
10 keyword groups to track mentions for 100 keywords per project + -
Separate personas (acting as different people or groups) + +
Connecting all your social profiles + +
Easy switching between profiles + +
Blog posting + -
Forum posting + -
Easy post sharing to all the profiles + +
Posting from different locations using proxy + -
Customizable working area + +
100% data and accounts security + -
Monitor mentions + +
Send tweets + +
Schedule tweets + +
Post tweet replies + +
Retweet + +
Monitor mentions + -
Manage business pages + -
Send messages + -
Schedule posts + -
Comment + -
Like + -
Monitor mentions + -
Post replies + -
Schedule replies + -
G+ business page management + -
Comment + -
Monitor mentions + -
Publish updates + -
Schedule posts + -
Send direct messages + -
Comment, share, like + -
Forums, Blogs, Q&A
Monitor mentions + -
Send messages + -
Schedule posts + -
YouTube + -

So the main points are:

  • Both tools work great for Twitter
    As TweetDeck was originally developed as social software for Twitter and was acquired by Twitter later, it seems to be a good tool for managing your Twitter accounts, both personal and business ones.
  • TweetDeck is limited to one social network (Twitter)
    If we dig deeper, we can clearly see from the review above that the functionality of TweetDeck is limited to one social network (Twitter). Although the tool has had some limited Facebook options (to read Facebook timeline and post updates to Facebook), this functionality now is gone, and TweetDeck abandoned Facebook as a supported social media network.
  • BuzzBundle offers the widest range of social sources
    BuzzBundle gives you a range of powerful resources not only for posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ and managing pages in them, but also for tracking and managing brand mentions and uploading videos to YouTube.
  • BuzzBundle has numerous features that TweetDeck lacks
    BuzzBundle does much more: it manages forum and blog posting and helps conveniently track competitors' activities and so on.

Long story short, BuzzBundle is several times more useful than TweetDeck because of its extended functionality. What is more, TweetDeck has been rather inactive concerning new features recently, and BuzzBundle is certainly far ahead now. BuzzBundle receives updates frequently, and we have a list of powerful features to be added in no time.

Get your copy of BuzzBundle now, to boost social media productivity with the most effective and feature-rich social tool on the market!

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