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Grab your Halloween treats, you fearless Spooky Pumpkin Hunters!

It's Halloween time, guys!

And you bet, this Halloween you'll be getting the spookiest SEO fun ever! Just get your witches' hats on, dust off your broomsticks and join us on the

Wicked and Haunted Spooky Pumpkins SEO Quest

Gathered the guts to step in? Then you're one step away from the sweetest Halloween treats (SEO PowerSuite goodies of your choice). But let's put first things first.

The Game

Your SEO PowerSuite got dressed up for the Halloween party. In its special Wicked Edition we've hidden some tiny Halloween pranks (wily Halloween pumpkins and what not). Quest them out, grab secret codes behind them and be the lucky winner of SEO PowerSuite licenses and other goodies of your choice.

Our BOO-lisious SEO Quest is for you, the fearless and fun-seeking SEOs of all ages, languages and crafts. If creepy Halloween adventures make your blood boil, then all you have to do is:

Pump Grab SEO PowerSuite the Wicked Edition

You can download it from our site, or simply re-start all your SEO PowerSuite tools for auto-update.

Pump Get armed with special Wicked and Haunted Halloween License Key

Psssssst... Here's the secret weapon that won't let any wily Halloween pumpkin hide away from your eagle eye: a special contest-only SEO PowerSuite Enterprise License leads you to every nook and cranny of your SEO PowerSuite tools.

Rank Tracker
Spooky Pumpkins SEO Quest

WebSite Auditor
Spooky Pumpkins SEO Quest

SEO SpyGlass
Spooky Pumpkins SEO Quest
Spooky Pumpkins SEO Quest

Pump Start off for the fun and bone-chilling Spooky Pumpkins hunt

  • Find 13 creepy Halloween pics we've scattered all over the 4 of your SEO PowerSuite tools
  • Spot the 13 Halloween Codes hidden behind them
  • Submit the codes into the special form below before 1st November, 1p.m. EST

And don't trick the Halloween Goblins, or they will come for ya!

Don't spoil the fun for others. Anyone, who publicly posts where the pumpkins are, will be automatically disqualified.

The prize

Hunted all the Halloween codes, you Smarty? Then hold out your treat bag for the sweetest reward!

As soon as the Quest ends, we'll hold a drawing, putting everyone's name in a Witch's hat and drawing the random winners. The more of you start for the hunt — the more winners drag away an SEO PowerSuite goodie of their choice, be that:

Thi Prize

Extra Prize for Article Authors

A special Social Media contest kicks off for all of you the writing masters.

Just place an announcement of the Halloween SEO Quest (that links to our site) on your site, get the biggest number of Facebook Likes, Tweets or Google's +1s for your publication and win an extra social media prize of your choice:

  • One more SEO PowerSuite Professional License
  • Or a full year's subscription to SEO PowerSuite Live! Plan

As soon as the main contest ends on November 1st, we'll roll out a special form to submit your publication URLs to. So stay tuned for more info.

Spread the word

And don't miss this great chance to challenge your friends to a scary Halloween SEO Quest and show them who's the real Pumpkin Hunter here!

Spread the word about the Spooky Pumpkins SEO Quest and:

  • Share the spooky Halloween fun with your nearest and dearest
  • Raise your own chances to win (remember, the more people join the hunt — the more prizes we'll give away)
  • And fight for the Extra Prize for Article Authors

So once again, the contest shuts down on November 1st, 1p.m. EST. So don't wait too long to play, or you'll turn into a pumpkin... muahaha!

Countdown to Spooky Pumpkins SEO Quest

The contest shuts down on November 1st, 1p.m. EST

Whew! There you have it.

Get SEO PowerSuite the Wicked Edition here. Find the 13 creepy Halloween codes in the software and submit them here. And follow, follow, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated on the Quest's live results.

The Halloween treat bag is full of mouth-watering SEO prizes. Just dare to take our challenge!