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In this keyword mapping guide, we’ll navigate you through the process of keyword mapping and show you how to make it less time-consuming and more efficient.
Tatiana Tsyulia
May 08, 2023
Check 6 easy ways how to find keywords on any website to upscale your content and SEO strategy.
Zlata Verzhbitskaia
May 02, 2023
Check out the best SEO practices to upgrade your website in 2024 — indexing tips, on-page SEO, content creation insights, AI, and many others.
Zlata Verzhbitskaia
Mar 21, 2023
From creating new pages to optimizing old ones, search intent is at the heart of your SEO effort. Read this guide to master it for your next SEO campaign.
Zlata Verzhbitskaia
Jan 17, 2023
Meet our updated Keyword Grouping Tool in Rank Tracking module! Tree view of groups and subgroups, drag & drop, AI-assisted clustering, and more.
Aleh Barysevich
Jan 10, 2023
What is keyword cannibalization? Does it really affect the website's ranking? Let's take a closer look at the phenomenon and find out when it is an issue and when not. In case it is, we'll need to know how to detect and fix it.
Tatiana Tsyulia
Oct 31, 2022
Topic clustering is what helps you optimize your content strategy and improve website authority. Check out how you can do that in 5 simple steps.
Ilona Kunihel
Aug 23, 2022
While you are in the constant process of optimizing your site for desktop (yes, Google updates, almost half the space of the SERP occupied with the results from the Google Knowledge Graph, etc.), you suddenly realize that you also have to optimize it for mobile search in the face of Google's shift to mobile-first indexing. And then, when you are at peace with all the things you will have to do and take into account, there it comes — voice search optimization. Pretty painful. But, you know, everything is difficult before it's easy. All we need is some understanding of what is going on and the plan for what to do.
Valerie Niechai
Jul 22, 2022
From now on, you've got a whole new dashboard in Rank Tracker – Keyword Sandbox. A place to conveniently store all your keyword ideas for future and be able to analyze and re-analyze them over and over again.
Aleh Barysevich
Jul 21, 2022
All-in-one guide on how to use Rank Tracker for SEO: track your positions, find new keywords, monitor competitors, and do many other 50+ helpful things.
Zlata Verzhbitskaia
Jul 19, 2022
A scientific approach to understanding how search algorithms work on text classification and retrieval of relevant documents in response to a user query.
Yauhen Khutarniuk
Jul 18, 2022
Search engines are crazy about semantic search which helps them to process natural language and understand query's search intent to provide relevant, personalized results. Read on our guide to learn about 4 efficient ways of semantic search optimization.
Valerie Niechai
Jul 17, 2022
Why keyword search volume is the least reliable pieces of data to exist in SEO and what to do about it.
Andrei Prakharevich
Jul 17, 2022
Used right, long-tail keywords can help you bypass competition, win featured snippets, and deliver not just traffic, but actual paying customers. Here is how.
Andrei Prakharevich
May 21, 2022
From current ranking signals to future algorithm updates — Google patents are the ultimate source of SEO knowledge. Here are the ones you should know about.
Arthur Andreyev
Apr 05, 2022
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