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This holiday season, we'd love to thank you for making 2015 as amazing as it's been.

Thanks for being part of our community, inspiring us, and keeping us going! For SEO PowerSuite, it's been a
big year; but without your spot-on feedback and loyal support, it would never have been.

Fancy a flashback? Scroll down for highlights of 2015, our plans for next year, and some holiday fun!

2015 in a nutshell

Feature-wise, this year has been our busiest so far. In 2015, we've also worked harder than ever to keep your SEO skills sharp with guides, tutorials, and all kinds of educational content. Click through the slides below for the biggest highlights from 2015 — a top feature and the most popular piece of content from each month.

What we're cooking for 2016

We've got serious plans for next year — and they are all features that you asked for. Simply hover the mouse over one of the presents for a detailed description of the upcoming feature. Have other ideas? We've got some free spots in our plan for 2016, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Rank Tracker will soon let you combine SEO and PPC campaigns into one simple workflow, so you can track impressions, clicks, and conversions for your PPC ads along with rankings.

In 2016, we'll be integrating data and settings from in all 4 of your SEO PowerSuite applications to ultimately put all your SEO data into a single project — one you can work with in all apps.

In 2016, you'll see numerous data sources added to your apps: Amazon for keyword research in Rank Tracker; Reddit and Instagram in BuzzBundle; App Store, Google Play, and Amazon for review management in LinkAssistant, — and that's just to name a few!

We know, we know — switching between WebSite Auditor to analyze content and your CMS to make changes can be a pain.

That's why we're developing an in-built content management solution, letting you make on-page changes and edit content right from the app, and track all SEO metrics as you write, in real time.

Working with Google and other search engines can be a pain due to captchas and temporary blocks.

Unless… there's an in-app solution letting you get all the data you need quickly and uninterruptedly even from the most IP-sensitive services — coming in all SEO PowerSuite apps and free for all licensed users!

In 2016, you're in for more collaboration-oriented improvements!

SEO PowerSuite will let teams work on the same projects simultaneously, with a smart way to merge changes made by team members to ensure you never lose any of your data.

Your SEO routine is getting more automatable than ever with predefined scheduled tasks in the software and email notifications upon their execution with brief, graphical reports on the results.

A big LinkAssistant revamp is coming!

The new version of this link acquisition tool will let you manage local reviews, citations, NAP consistency, and submit your biz to local directories — in just a few clicks.

SEO SpyGlass' main backlink source, WebMeUp, is growing at least 3 times bigger and faster — letting you get a more complete and up-to-date list of links to any site than ever before.

With SEO and SMM getting increasingly interwoven, BuzzBundle is getting an indispensable tool for every online marketer.

Even more so with its enhanced forum and blog search, upcoming Instagram and Reddit support, and Facebook search coming right back!

A bit of holiday spirit…

The SEO PowerSuite team are mostly cheerful folks, but the gloomy crew below are under the weather even during holiday season. There's one thing that could lighten up their day though… A warm virtual greeting from yourself. The button below symbolizes holiday cheer; just hit it — and see what happens :)

Have the happiest New Year!
Keep on being amazing!
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Would like to send some holiday love back? Please drop us a note in the comments to make New Year's Eve even happier for every member of the SEO PowerSuite team!