Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year
from SEO PowerSuite!
Our elf team wishes you happy holidays and wants to thank you for being part of our SEO-family and keeping us going! We've been working really hard at our SEO factory throughout the whole of 2018 to make this year the most fruitful and carefree for you and your site. Just look at what you've inspired us to accomplish this year!
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All 2018 updates
in Christmas socks
Our elf factory has issued quite a number of features this year. Go look for them in your Christmas socks!
Settings Synchronization
Now there's no need for you to copy settings from one SEO PowerSuite tool to another. All your settings can be stored in SEO PowerSuite Cloud so that you can use them across all our tools, share common settings with your team, and access them from different computers.
Website Visualization
With the help of WebSite Auditor's Visualization feature, you can uncover problems with your site on the fly. Visualize your site according to the structure of internal links, see how link juice is distributed within your site, identify orphan pages, redirects, and broken links in no time at all. By the way, each and every visualization is fully customizable and stunningly beautiful.
Hreflang management
Hreflang audit is finally here! Forget about hreflang errors for good — from now on, your hreflangs are in reliable hands of WebSite Auditor. Build and troubleshoot your hreflangs fully on autopilot and go global!
New backlink index
The time has come! With new, updated, and constantly growing index, SEO SpyGlass now collects only 100% fresh and up-to-date links. What's more, it now crawls the Web almost at the speed of lightning, which means the index is growing exponentially.
Keyword Sandbox
With Rank Tracker's Keyword Sandbox module, you can forget about the fear of losing your precious keywords. Now you can comfortably store all your keyword ideas in one place and get back to them (for analysis or filtering) any time you want.
Huge database of your competitors' keywords
This year, Rank Tracker started to grow its own keyword database (with the ranking history of every keyword) for The database is growing super-fast, incorporating new languages and search engines every second. So now you have access to the infinite source of data.
The biggest & freshest backlink index
With the world's fastest crawler, we'll keep building the biggest and freshest link index out there. What's more, one of the upcoming features in SEO SpyGlass will let you find all the backlinks that you've lost during a certain period of time as well as see all fresh, newly added links.
Smarter backlink analysis
A good part of 2019 we're going to dedicate to improving InLink Rank/Domain InLink Rank to make the algorithm even more accurate and comprehensive. On top of that, we'll be working on new backlink metrics — TrustRank and SpamRank in particular — to make your backlink analysis even more effective and precise.
Better integration between tools
Although you already have the Settings Synchronization feature at your disposal, we'll proceed with improving the integration of settings across all our tools.
More visual data in SEO PowerSuite
As a matter of fact, visual information is a lot more perceivable than textual or numerical. That is why, next year, we're planning to have more visual data in our tools so that you can see as much information at the very first sight as possible.
Clickstream data
There's one simple rule of digital analytics that we follow: the more data you've got, the better. That's why, together with our partners, we're working on getting clickstream data in SEO PowerSuite by the end of 2019.
Integration with other data sources
You know that we strive for comprehensiveness. That's why, in 2019, we'll keep adding more integrations with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdWords, Bing Webmaster Tools, YouTube, Amazon, Reddit, and other sources to provide you with the most comprehensive SEO data possible.
International keyword databases
So far, keyword data like Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty is available for the US only. In early 2019, we're planning to add lots of new keyword databases for different countries, including the UK, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and others.
Content gap analysis
To put it short, content gap analysis is a pretty simple but really powerful SEO technique that lets you find the keywords your competitors rank for, but you don't. You can definitely expect this feature to appear in Rank Tracker in 2019, so stay tuned!
Our plans
for 2019
Our factory never stops working, and we have very ambitious plans for the next year. So here is a cheeky little sneak peek into upcoming features and updates to get you excited.

Holiday cheer from the elf family

Christmas season is all about gathering together and saying kind words to each other. We also decided cheer you up with our holiday greetings.
So make some hot chocolate, get cozy, and click through our Christmas photo album to get your greeting from our team!
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May neither your dreams nor projects ever crush. If anything, we'll have your back throughout 2019. We hope Santa is good to you this year because you only deserve the best! Happy Holidays!
Dear awesome users and sweet blog readers, may the SEO odds be ever in your favor! And may your heart and home be filled with all of the joys the festive season brings!
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season! May your rankings skyrocket, may your backlinks come from Wikipedia, and may your site load at least at the speed of lightning! Have a wonderful Christmas!
May your next year be free of bugs and full of bombastic features, guys! And most importantly, may you and your dearest ones feel all the love and joy throughout this festive season and all year round!
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Merry Christmas!
And may 2019 be the best year of your life!