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Why Rank Tracker.

Having a commercial interest in the Chinese market, you definitely need your business to appear in Baidu — the biggest search engine of China, — and monitor your progress in Baidu organic search. With Rank Tracker, you can watch Baidu positions for your target keywords easily and accurately, as well as positions in a vast variety of other search engines.
Set up Baidu rank tracking with a couple of clicks
You can't do SEO in China without tracking your rankings in Baidu. In the Rank Tracker tool, you simply choose Baidu out of an extensive list of search engines and start keeping track of your positions.
How: Create your project in Rank Tracker, enter your site's URL in the URL field, specify the keywords for which you want to track rankings on Baidu, choose Baidu out of the suggested search engines list, and delete all the unnecessary search engines.
Easily import keywords for tracking your rankings in Baidu
Add keywords you gathered with other SEO tools (like Baidu Keyword Planner, etc.) to your Rank Tracker project to see your rankings in Baidu for them. This tracking software allows importing your keyword data in a CSV format.
How: In your Rank Tracker project, go to File and choose the Import option. Specify the CSV file you're going to import and click Next.
Look at your competitors' Baidu positions
Rank Tracker doesn't stop at showing your positions for selected keywords — this tracking software allows your competitors' position tracking. This rank checker analyzes the search results for chosen keywords and comes up with a list of your competitors.
How: In your project, go to Preferences and choose the Competitors option. In the Competitors window, click on Suggest, enter your most prominent keywords, choose Baidu in the Search Engine field, and click Next. Tick those you want to add to your project.
Learn your Baidu keyword difficulty
Apart from simple Baidu keyword rank tracking, this checker calculates keyword difficulty. It's an important factor that evaluates how hard it would be to climb to a higher position in the search results for the given keyword. It also shows you the difficulty score for each of your top 10 competitors for this very keyword hinting at the level of efforts needed to outrank them.
How: In the Target Keywords section of your project, choose the Rank Tracking option. Add the Baidu Keyword Difficulty column to your workspace by right-clicking the header of any other column and choosing it from the appeared list.
To see the competitors' Difficulty Score for a certain keyword, choose the Keyword Difficulty tab in the lower part of the workplace.
Analyze Baidu SERP fluctuations
Get a glimpse at what's going on in your business niche with the Baidu search rankings fluctuation report in Rank Tracker. This graph shows you the history of SERP changes from one check to another for your target keyword and for your niche in general.
How: In your project, go to the Target Keywords section and click the Rank Tracking option. Choose SERP Analysis in the lower part of your screen and switch to the Fluctuation Graph tab.
Keep your Baidu tracking history
Rank Tracker allows you to record a set of about top 30 search engine results for every Baidu rank tracking session you run within your project. You can save position tracking history for all your keywords and search engines. This lets you be aware of any movements in the positions of top-ranking websites and detect possible competitors as soon as they appear in the top 30.
How: First, in your project, go to Preferences and choose Rank Checking Mode. Then tick Record SERP History box to start saving you rank checking sessions. Go to the Target Keywords section and click the Rank Tracking option. Choose SERP Analysis in the lower part of your screen and switch to the SERP History tab.

Baidu keyword rank tracking tool is not only about rank tracking.

Rank Tracker is not just rank tracking software but a powerful SEO tool that provides tons of useful information you need to analyze and fine-tune your SEO strategy. Accurate keyword data you gather with this rank tracking software includes:
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