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Happy #Thanksgiving!

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Uncategorized

It's Thanksgiving today in the US, and many of you are spending time out of the cyber space, gathering with most important people in your life.

Lots of non-Americans celebrate Thanksgiving as well, and if you happen not to - just happy Thursday to you then!

Whether you're celebrating Thanksgiving or not, it's still great time to say thank you to the people you appreciate.

I encountered a tweet  by Adam Audette today:

So true! There are so many people in SEO, social and marketing industry Link-Assistant.Com would like to thank today.

We're thankful to each and every of 300,000 customers in 173 countries worldwide – so glad to be connected to all of you.

We give thanks to our dedicated affiliates, who help our software reach out to new SEOs and webmasters. One of them, Matthew Woodward, is currently running a very special competition on his blog, make sure you check in and win SEO PowerSuite.

We're talking to fantastic folks on Facebook – our special thanks go to Mike Claggett, Giuseppe Lanzetta, Bradley Templeton, Tess Neale, Guy Lewis, Saidul Hassan, Shay BerkovichAugusto Schmidt, Emil Petkov and Димитър Георгиев!

Our Twitter community means a lot to us, thank you to all 5,502 followers for your being engaging, supportive and hilarious. Bill SlawskiJim Watson, Yorkie George, Lukasz Zelezny, Laurent Bourrelly, Aleyda Solis, Javier Arronis, Natzir Turrado, Todd HerschbergEdgar SánchezWayne Barker, Andy DrinkwaterAndrew Palmer – you rock!

We give thanks to bloggers who've recently written SEO PowerSuite reviews: John Chow.

We thank blogs and people behind these blogs who publish guest posts from Link-Assistant.Com: SearchEngineJournal,  State Of Search, MarketingProfs and Bussiness2Community.

We're grateful to our friends on forums who keep us amazed by their faithful support - Mike Friedman is absolutely on top of our list!

Thank you to guest authors who write awesome content for Link-Assistant.Com's blog: Ann Smarty, Nick StamoulisGeoff Kenyon among others.

Happy #Thanksgiving - it's great to have all of you on board!

Have a great one,

Link-Assistant.Com Team




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