50+ Ways To Use Rank Tracker for SEO

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In SEO, the two key ranking factors are backlinks and content. Content, in its turn, is all about keywords. And to rank well, you have to carefully choose keywords depending on a great variety of factors: popularity, competitiveness, potential traffic, and many, many others.

So here comes a set of questions. How to choose the right keywords? Where to check all these factors? How to track your progress?

The solution is Rank Tracker — an SEO tool that lets you track your rankings, find new keyword opportunities, explore top competitors, and do many other things in bulk and in one place.

To get started, just download and install Rank Tracker's free version if you haven't done this yet. You'll be able to play around with as many projects as you need and test most of the tool’s features. To save your projects and enjoy the unlimited functionality of Rank Tracker, you’ll need to get equipped with a Rank Tracker license.

So here we go! Let’s explore what exactly you can do with Rank Tracker. Even if you’ve used Rank Tracker before, I’m sure you’ll find something new in this guide — the functionality of this tool is really impressive. To expand the how-to you’re interested in, just click on the line.

Keyword Research

Keyword grouping and mapping

Competitor Research

SERP Analysis

Rank Tracking

Keyword Metrics

Rank Tracker provides a wide range of keyword metrics that help you estimate your chances to succeed with a keyword organically. Moreover, the tool helps you evaluate the costs you’d have to spend on paid promotion.

Setting up automatic tasks and alerts


Rank Tracker lets you create an unlimited number of reports and send them directly to your clients.

Cloud sharing and storage

So here we are. This is the list of 55+ Rank Tracker functions that can help you track your keyword progress, find new keyword opportunities, and succeed with your SEO in general. Most of them are available in Rank Tracker’s free edition, but I do recommend ordering a license to fully enjoy the tool’s functionality.

For sure, the list is not complete — otherwise, it would take weeks for you to read it. What do you use Rank Tracker for that I forgot to mention? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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