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Ixquick definition

Ixquick (also known as Startpage) is a search engine that emphasizes user privacy. Unlike conventional search engines that track user data and behaviors, Ixquick does not record users' IP addresses nor does it use tracking cookies. This approach ensures that users' search activities and personal information remain private.

Ixquick operates as a meta search engine, meaning it compiles results from multiple search engines and aggregates them to provide a comprehensive set of results without any direct tracking of its users.

Origin of Ixquick and key milestones

Ixquick, founded in 1998 by David Bodnick, is an early pioneer in the realm of internet search engines.

Renowned for its commitment to user anonymity, Ixquick was one of the first search engines to offer encrypted SSL connections by default, ensuring secure communication between users and the search engine's servers.

This dedication to privacy culminated in the launch of the privacy-centric search engine, Startpage, in 2009, further solidifying Ixquick's reputation as a champion of user privacy in the digital age.

In 2016, Ixquick merged with Startpage, combining their respective strengths to offer users a comprehensive privacy-focused search experience under the unified brand of Startpage.

Standout features

Ixquick (now Startpage) boasts several standout features:

  • User anonymity: This search engine does not track or store any personal data of its users, ensuring that their search history remains completely private. Additionally, the search engine utilizes advanced encryption protocols, offering secure connections through SSL by default.
  • Unbiased search results: Startpage aggregates results from multiple search engines, providing users with a comprehensive and diverse set of search results. This approach enhances the relevance and reliability of the search results while minimizing the impact of algorithmic biases.
  • Customization options: Startpage allows users to tailor their search experience according to their preferences. Features such as language preferences, region-specific search, and advanced search filters empower users to refine their searches and find exactly what they're looking for efficiently.


Unlike major search engines like Google or Bing, Startpage may not offer the same breadth and depth of search results due to its reliance on aggregated results from other search engines.

Moreover, Startpage lacks certain advanced features and functionalities available on other search engines. Due to its focus on privacy, this search engine doesn't offer features like integrated news feeds, weather updates, or stock quotes.


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