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Are Keywords Still Relevant, and How to Use the Right Ones

September 19th, 2014 | Kristi Hines


Editor's note: this post is brought to you by Kristi Hines, a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. If you're interested in more content on doing keyword research the right way, check out SEO PowerSuite's manuals on 4 Steps to Efficient Keyword Research and  Applying Keyword Difficulty Score.

Google has done several things in the last couple of years to make people wonder if keywords were still relevant when it comes to search optimization.  They've removed keywords from organic search data in Google Analytics. They've punished websites that have overused keywords in anchor text when link building. They've even punished websites that used keywords in their domain.

But the fact remains that keywords are still relevant. The average person probably doesn't type, "I want to find books about gardening" into a search engine. They type gardening books or books about gardening. Google confirms this. Read more »

7 Ways to Get Not Provided Keyword Data

May 20th, 2014 | Kristi Hines


The keyword (not provided) has been a thorn in the side of marketers everywhere since it began appearing in Google Analytics organic search data in 2011. And now that it is extending to advertiser data as well, it leaves a lot of people asking – how can we find out what keywords are really effective in our marketing strategy? While you'll no longer be able to connect the proverbial dots within Google Analytics using your keywords and conversions data, there are still some ways to find out. Read more »

Top 50 SEO posts of 2013

December 20th, 2013 | Olga Gabdulkhakova


2013 has been rich in Google updates, SERP changes and other SEO news. Penguin, Hummingbird, Not Provided approaching 100%, Google Local Carousel, the evolution of Knowledge Graph - we became aware of those in 2013. Quite natural, there's a lot of great content from recognized experts to cover these SEO happenings. In this recap, I've summarized 50 SEO articles from 2013 that I believe to be the most helpful for the community. The posts have been structured according to the topics they cover.

Case Studies

1. Link Building Case Study: How I Increased My Search Traffic by 100% in 14 days

Theory is great, but when it comes to SEO, link building and actually driving traffic, we all long for case studies and success stories we can replicate. One of these inspiring stories has been published by Brian Dean on his Backlinko blog. In his article, Brian shows us a technique that helps him get high quality links from every piece of content he produces. The author's strategy is about finding proven linkable asserts, making something even better and then reaching out to the right people.

2. How I attracted 2,000 Visitors to a Brand New Blog

Most of us are used to the idea that building a blog takes time. Regardless of the content you publish, visitors won't flood your board overnight, because there are certain stages a new blog should go through. In this article, Tom Ewer states that in reality you can build a blog and start attracting visitors tomorrow. And that's exactly what he did. The author shares a helpful story of how he attracted around 2k visitors to his brand new brand and what ingredients were necessary to make it happen. Read more »

Bing vs. Google: Webmaster Tools Challenge (inspired by Disavow update)

October 23rd, 2012 | Eugene Khutarniuk


On October 16, 2012 Google finally put an end to the annoying "please-remove-my-links-from-your-website" mails and gave hard times to backlink removal services and tools like Removeem (the guys spammed us pretty hard and they do deserve this link, after all, they may now disavow it, if they wish).

Those of you, who already expect yet another Penguin and Panda story, please, switch to National Geographic, this post is going to be animals-free. While the introduction of Google Disavow Links tool spurred lots of discussions, a few months earlier the similar functionality introduced by Bing was merely noticed. Bing Webmaster Tools deserve more attention; they have a good chance to win in our Bing vs. Google Webster Tools challenge. We thought it would be boring to describe the functionality of Bing tools alone; we hope all of you may Ctrl+F the “Help” link, thus we compared Bing tools against their counterparts by Google, and performed a few very simple tests. Read on! Read more »

Which Keyword Should Your SEO Efforts Focus on First?

July 26th, 2012 | Link-Assistant.Com


Which Keyword Should Your SEO Efforts Focus on First?guest post by Nick Stamoulis 

Most website owners realize the importance of targeting multiple keywords on their site and with their overall SEO program. It's too risky betting your entire online business on one or two keywords, so long-tail variations become just as important as your broader, high-level keywords.

Best practice dictates that sites target 2-5 keywords per page of content.

Depending on how large your website is, that could mean hundreds (or even thousands) of keywords that you need to focus your SEO efforts on.

Obviously it's impossible to target all of that at once, so how do you go about prioritizing those keywords? How do you determine which keywords should get your attention and SEO efforts first? Read more »

Mission Performance: 7 Updates That Do Miracles to SEO PowerSuite

May 15th, 2012 | Link-Assistant.Com


Several months ago, we sat down here at Link-Assistant.Com to discuss how we could make SEO PowerSuite faster and more lightweight.

The thing is, when it comes to data volumes, SEO PowerSuite is crazy software: users can check unlimited number of sites, pages, backlinks, keywords and rankings.

This unlimited approach is a gorgeous way to go we believe: smarter SEO only comes with the full range of accurate SEO data.

At the same time, if you are working with big projects, performance may suffer. With all the coming bells and whistles we're planning to add to SEO PowerSuite feature mix, apparently there's a risk of extra load on SEO PowerSuite users' computers.

That's why we went ahead and started Mission Performance back in February, gradually adding one upturn after another and being happy like kids to see mind-blowing savings on memory, traffic and CPU to help you work with the software in an enjoyable way. Read more »