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LinkAssistant features

Link building is a sure-fire way to drive your website to the cherished Google top. Yet link building can turn a challenging SEO job when it comes to finding first-rate link partners and managing them, not to mention it's extremely time-consuming.

LinkAssistant SEO Tool is loaded with a wealth of features to entirely transform your link building experience, making it many times faster and child-easy.

Look through the comparison table to see the differences between two LinkAssistant's editions: Professional and Enterprise, or read on about killer features LinkAssistant is loaded with.

So here's what LinkAssistant does for you exactly:

Finds loads of valuable link partners

How would you go about finding relevant link exchange partners if you did it by hand? Search in Google, scan the results, wash, rinse, and repeat — until your hands are blistered.

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LinkAssistant SEO Tool saves you countless hours by helping find high quality link exchange partners in six different ways, and even more are coming! Here's what LinkAssistant SEO tool does about partner search:

  • Finds link partners with link submission forms
  • Finds sites using your keywords, in 597 search engines
  • Suggests keywords
  • Searches for sites linking to your online competitors
  • Detects sites that already link to you
  • Harvests URLs from a specific webpage
  • Makes a deep scan and digs up all links from a Website

Easily qualifies your link partners

Once you've found tons of potential link exchange partners you've only won half the battle. Remember, it's not just the quantity, it's the quality of your link partnerships that matters when it comes to search engine rankings.

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Checks ranking factors to determine quality of each link partnership

Again, LinkAssistant comes in handy by helping you qualify your potential link exchange partners and filter out those that are a waste of time. This SEO tool does so by making it easy for you to see your link partners' link popularity, Google PageRank, Alexa traffic rank and other factors. Check the list here — you can request more ranking factors to be added. We listen to every client!

Armed with this knowledge you can narrow down the list and only review valuable partners that are really worth your while!

Remember, LinkAssistant will always let you see the search engine value of your link exchange partners — both current and prospective ones. This way you can continually monitor the value your link partnerships add to your Website's link popularity and take appropriate action.

Takes complete control over your email

Unlike most other SEO tools around, LinkAssistant puts you in complete control over your email. Forget about having to switch to your email software to write a personalized message to hundreds of link exchange partners, or read new mail.

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  • Finds contact info of potential link partners
  • Allows emailing multiple link partners
  • Makes each email sound personal
  • Makes you secure when sending multiple emails
  • Leaves no trace of itself in the emails
  • Receives all incoming mail
  • Passes info from emails to the partners database

Makes link directories fitting your site like a glove

How about creating a professional-looking link directory that perfectly matches your website's design? Looks like a great way to impress your link partners. And you don't have to purchase and learn expensive Website design software to do that — all the tools you need are accessible from within LinkAssistant. Check how LinkAssistant helps.

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  • Creates a link directory that matches your site's design
  • Lets you customize the layout of your link directory
  • Organizes your link partners into categories
  • Uploads the link directory to your website
  • Re-uploads link directory pages that changed

Monitors your backlinks over time to make sure they're as effective as before

With this software it'll take you mere seconds to keep track of each and every backlink you have and make sure your links are as effective as before.

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  • Checks if your link partners are still linking back
  • Alarms you if a partner is using black-hat techniques
  • Lets you easily remove links from your directory
  • Controls importance of your link partners

Lets you conveniently manage link partners — by the hundred, if you need it

If you have hundreds or even thousands of link partners, you're going to love this unique feature of LinkAssistant. Like most link building tools around, LinkAssistant will allow you to easily copy, paste and update info on your link exchange partners. But wait... more is coming!

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  • Lets you assign statuses to link partners
  • Updates info on many or all partners
  • Helps establish 3- and 4-way link partnerships

Gives you access to the fully-functional integrated web browser

The integrated web browser in LinkAssistant works great for any web surfing. You can check your link partners' sites, preview your link directory pages, fill out link exchange forms using LinkAssistant's auto-filler function and whatever else you may need — and you always have a choice between the built-in browser, or an external one.

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Generates impressive link building reports

LinkAssistant provides the user with multi-purpose link building reports. These reports will give you a better idea of link building and contain tips for successful website promotion. And they work great to demonstrate link building progress to your clients, if you're providing SEO services.

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  • Instantly creates a Link Building Report
  • Allows customizing reports
  • Lets you choose between different kinds of reports
  • Enables you to print out reports
  • Lets you save reports, e-mail them or publish to the web

Seamlessly works with hundreds of search engines

LinkAssistant supports a huge list of 597 regional and local search engines — and more coming! View the list of supported search engines and request your favorite search engine if it's not there yet!

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Ensures you stay 100% search engine safe and friendly

LinkAssistant includes a number of features to guarantee absolute search engine safety. Human emulation and user agents rotation features let the software appear to search engines as a living breathing human being who's surfing through webpages in a browser. Plus, LinkAssistant supports Google, Yahoo! and Bing API keys to help you query the search engines safely, and make sure you never violate their usage policy.

Leaves no footprint

Unlike other link building software, LinkAssistant leaves no trace of its activity in the link directory and emails. Search engines and humans will not discover you're using SEO techniques to promote your website.

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Supports working from behind a proxy

You can work with LinkAssistant from behind a proxy — just configure your settings in the Preferences.

Besides you can use the advanced proxy rotation feature — the software will be finding free proxies and rotating them, making you absolutely safe when you're doing huge volumes of work.

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Lets you organize your worspace the most convenient way

LinkAssistant is infinitely customizable. This includes your entire workspace. With this feature, you can easily define what information is available on the screen — to find things faster.

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Includes customizable Workspace filters

Customize your workspaces using LinkAssistant's flexible filters. View quality link exchange partners only and hide all the rest — according to criteria you define. Show Google's popularity of a specific site and hide all stuff related to Bing — well, you get the idea.

Provides a quick search facility

LinkAssistant's quick search feature lets you quickly find necessary records among hundreds of link partners, using numbers of parameters.

Allows you to import and export your link partners

Although LinkAssistant alone is absolutely enough to quickly do any link management task, it does not limit you to only work inside the program, if you wish. Quick import and export features let you get more flexible with your data.

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Makes export of link partners (available in Enterprise version only)
LinkAssistant includes a powerful export feature. With it, you can export your link exchange partners to plain text, HTML, SQL and XML. These are all open formats, so if you need your data anywhere else, it's easy to do that.

Imports link partners
LinkAssistant includes an importing feature that lets you import links from another LinkAssistant project, from a plain-text list, as well as from an IBP (Internet Business Promoter) link building tool. So if you need to migrate from IBP — again, it's easy.

Estimates results of your link building campaigns

LinkAssistant will check your website for numbers of factors that influence your positions in search engines and often directly depend on the effectiveness of your link building campaign.

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Works on any operating systems

LinkAssistant software is cross-platform and works equally well on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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This SEO software not only optimizes sites in any language and for any country's search engines. It speaks several languages!

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