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NEW: Smart link prospecting in LinkAssistant
Find quality link prospects, reach out instantly, and manage your links in a single dashboard.
Quick, quality-oriented prospecting for every
new-school link building technique there is.
  • 10 powerful link prospecting methods
  • Link opportunities by location
  • One-click outreach
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Discover dozens of quality link opportunities in a click.

Link prospecting doesn't have to be the dull and time-sucking part of your link building routine anymore. Whichever prospecting technique you prefer, LinkAssistant will find dozens of relevant prospects and their contact info for each one. Not sure which to choose? Try all of them and see what works best for your niche.

Guest Posts
Pinpoint industry platforms that accept guest posts and reach out to offer your writing services.
Identify quality business directories in your niche, and get your site listed quickly.
Discover people who review products and services in your space, and have your business reviewed, too.
Links Pages
Find pages with links to relevant resources where you can get placement, too.
Find relevant industry blogs that are likely to post about your business.
Competitor backlinks
Discover link profiles of your competitors and pick the most promising opportunities for link outreach.
Forums & comments
Jump in to relevant conversations on forums and blog comments and build brand awareness.
Custom search
Create your own search method with custom operators and get a list of prospects tailored to your needs.

Your entire link building routine is on us.

Let the new LinkAssistant handle your every link building task, from A to Z.

1. Find prospects in seconds

Get a list of quality prospects using LinkAssistant's new research mechanisms, and gather all kinds of stats and insights about them in another click.

2. Reach out effectively

Contact link prospects right from the app, and use handy email templates for every type of outreach to make your emails feel personal.

3. Manage your relationships

Grow your link profile, monitor the links you've built, stay in touch with partners and report on your link building progress — all in one place.

Hundreds of prospects in a few clicks

Whether you're promoting content, looking for relevant blogs and forums, or researching a competitor's link strategy, you can do it all in with LinkAssistant's 10 new prospecting mechanisms. Need a completely custom footprint search? Create your own research method with any search operators of your choice and get just the results you need!

Contact info for immediate outreach

The new LinkAssistant automatically fetches prospects' email addresses as it finds them, letting you get in touch with your contacts right away, without having to leave the app.

Handy workspaces

Have all your prospecting data grouped smartly in 3 tabs: Link Prospects for your list of link opportunities and general info on them, Backlinks so you can regularly check on prospects-turned-links, and Ranking factors for all kinds of quality stats on link opportunities so you can easily single out your top prospects.

All your outreach activities in one place

Sync your email account with LinkAssistant and reach out to prospects right from the app, as soon as you've found them. Easily track sents and replies, and flag important emails so you don't forget to reply or follow up — all right in LinkAssistant's Email module.

Ready-made email templates

Can you send out hundreds of personalized emails and save time on outreach? Sure thing. LinkAssistant's ready-made email templates use variables, so every email you send still feels personal. What's more, you can create completely custom templates of your own, and save them in the template gallery for future use.

Real-time link checks

LinkAssistant does more than help you find link opportunities and acquire quality links; it also lets you manage the relationships you build and track your links over time. Run regular link checks to make sure your acquired links don't get taken down or switched to no-follow, and contact partners right away when a link fails verification.

Branded link building reports

Whether you're an agency building links for dozens of clients, or a business owner looking to step up your SEO game, LinkAssistant's reports and analytics are right here to help. Report on your link building activities, track progress, and share reports in a single click — or even automate reporting completely by scheduling delivery.

More quality link prospects in less time.

One platform for link prospecting, outreach, analytics and management.

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