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WebSite Auditor's interactive & fully custom
New On-page Optimization Reports
For site audit & landing page optimization:
  • Quick to create
  • Super easy to customize
  • Full of crucial data
  • Looking fab to impress your clients!

It took months of non-stop work, and finally we're happy to announce — the full revamp of SEO PowerSuite's reports is officially complete! The brand new SEO reports are now available in WebSite Auditor (hooray!), as well as in all other SEO PowerSuite tools: Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant.

And this means that now you're fully armed with the most progressive SEO reports — packed with the SEO data you need, fully brandable to impress your clients, easily edited with drag-n-drop and responsively designed to look fab on any device!

Ready to take those customizables for a test drive?

To create a Site Audit report, simply switch to the Reports module using the left side menu.

Here, you can choose one of the three ready-made report templates — Site Audit (Summary), Site Audit (Details) and Domain Strength, — or create your own report from scratch.

What's inside?

HTTP response problems, validation errors, broken links, poor redirects, too many external links, a failed mobile-friendly test, and other on-site problems that are hurting your client's SEO… All this data is here — in one place, easy to comprehend and put into action.

And if you're feeling like you could throw some off-page factors in, giving the client a more comprehensive picture, you can totally do that as well! Just hit next to widgets like External domain factors, Indexing in search engines, Backlink factors, Social media popularity, and Traffic to website to create a report with an in-depth SEO analysis of the website.

Whether you're running a free landing page audit for a client prospect, or looking to impress a long-time customer with a perfectly optimized page you've been working on, you're in the right place — WebSite Auditor's new Page Optimization reports.

For a Page Optimization report, switch to the Content Analysis module and pick Reports.

The 2 ready-made report templates you will find here are Page Audit (Summary) and Page Audit (Details). You can customize each of the templates or create your own report from scratch.

What's inside?

These templates let you report on all aspects of content and HTML optimization of any of your pages. They show the page's content optimization rate, technical issues spotted on the page, details on keyword usage by best-ranking competitors, and very specific optimization tips, tailored to the keyword and page.

If you're after some DIY, you can build new templates of your own or edit the ready-made ones by hitting .

Add, remove, rearrange and edit widgets as much as you like — until you've built your perfect SEO report! The new WebSite Auditor lets you easily white-label and localize your on-page reports, and even paint them a different color!
Jump here for a step-by-step customization guide to make the most of your SEO reports.

With the new custom reports out in all 4 SEO PowerSuite tools, SEO PowerSuite Enterprise becomes a truly one-stop solution for SEO agencies and professional SEOs — and an incredibly cost-effective one! As always, the update is 100% free to all current users. Enjoy the power of your SEO reports — and get ready for clients fighting for your services!

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