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How to start promoting SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program is managed by Avangate Affiliate Network.

Already an Avangate network affiliate? Follow this dedicated link to join SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program and proceed to Step 2.

New to Avangate Affiliate Network? Start with Step 1:

Step 1 — Get an Avangate affiliate network account

Begin with filling out this registration form to be put through the approval process. In up to 48 hours, you should receive a reply from Avangate Affiliate Network on your approval status.

If your registration has been approved, please proceed to Step 2.

If you get a message that your application for Avangate Affiliate network doesn't meet the approval criteria, please contact us at We'll see if we can help have that sorted out!

Step 2 — Get confirmation that your partnership with SEO PowerSuite has been approved

If you've applied with one of the dedicated links above, you'll be automatically signed to the SEO PowerSuite affiliate program.

You should receive an email from Avangate Affiliate Network that your partnership request with SEO PowerSuite has been approved.

Step 3 — Generate affiliate links

Access SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Dashboard.

On the left, you'll see the list of 12 available products. Choose a product, select the link type, and generate your affiliate link:

Step 4 — Make use of promo materials

Check the ready-to-use promo materials — product descriptions, logos, banners, and links — in your affiliate dashboard.

Choose the product, the link type, click 'Generate link' to get the list of the available materials:

Banners in .psd for localized websites are available here.

Want to go an extra mile? Get sample product reviews, forum signatures and other sales instruments.

Step 5 — Add affiliate links to your site/blog

To start selling SEO PowerSuite, simply add promo materials and affiliate links to your website (blog, email newsletter, etc.) and turn your traffic into a steady source of passive income.

Step 6 — Add affiliate links to local websites

We have localized websites in Spanish, Russian, Dutch, German, French and Japanese. You can generate affiliate links that point to any page on these sites. It can be a page for SEO PowerSuite, or separate products.

Use the instructions below to generate your affiliate links for the regional versions of our websites.

Note: To create your trackable links, you need to make sure you're registered with our affiliate program. You can find all the information here.

Join SEO PowerSuite affiliate program!


Note: you shall not run Google AdWords ad campaigns for any keywords (brand or non-brand without exception) to advertise your webpage or other pages that are purposed for promoting SEO PowerSuite products and contain your affiliate link(s), as well as any pages that are purposed to re-direct visitors to pages that promote SEO PowerSuite products and contain your affiliate links, unless you've requested and received permission from SEO PowerSuite staff. Get to know the detailed terms and conditions for SEO PowerSuite affiliates.

Questions? Get in touch with our affiliate program manager at

What Our Affiliates Say

Mike Shakin
" There’s quite a few things I like about SEO PowerSuite / BuzzBundle affiliate program: consistent earnings from day one, high commissions, the value I add to my community. But what I like most is the decent team behind the products and the affiliate program. Whenever there’s a question about payoffs or tech setup, they’re sure to look closely into the case and compensate if necessary. I can hardly recall this level of support with any other affiliate program. Highly recommended!"
Mike Shakin
SEO expert and blogger
Luciano Borg
" I became an affiliate when I started giving SEO workshops at a recruitment company in 2014. One of the SEO Workshop modules is entitled "SEO Software". During this module I give a presentation via slides on the benefits of using SEO PowerSuite and how easy it is to set up projects and extract reports. Students then proceed to set up projects themselves under my guidance, thus making it so much easier for them to quickly comprehend how to use the software. I am happy to say that after the workshops, most of the students' comments relate to how impressed they were by SEO PowerSuite. When asked specifically: Describe which part of the course you found most useful, and why? Most of the students' replies somewhat sum up to: SEO PowerSuite: because we learnt how to 1) Track Rankings, 2) Carry out KW Research, 3) SEO Website Audits, 4) Check the backlink profile of a website."
Luciano Borg
SEO Analyst, SEO Lecturer
Ricco Mortensen
" I recommend SEO PowerSuite affiliate program to all entrepreneurs in the online marketing industry. The product, SEO PowerSuite, turned out to be a great addition to our Online Business Academy. All our clients and academy students are encouraged to use the SEO PowerSuite as it provides all the tools necessary to succeed with an online business when it comes to SEO and at the same time provides the best value for money solution. Many people purchase, which results in consistent commission payouts for me as an affiliate."
Ricco Mortensen
Expert in online business and entrepreneurship