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Terms and Conditions for SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program

1. Affiliates may not run Google AdWords campaigns for any brand keywords to advertise any webpages that are purposed for promoting SEO PowerSuite products and contain affiliate links, as well as any pages that are purposed to re-direct visitors to pages that promote SEO PowerSuite products and contain affiliate links.

2. Unless there's an official SEO PowerSuite sale or a special campaign explicitly authorized by SEO PowerSuite, affiliates may not claim they sell SEO PowerSuite products at a special price. It is strictly prohibited to mislead our customers by announcing you have an SEO PowerSuite coupon for them, if in fact you don't. To get a legit coupon for your audience, please contact us at

3. Affiliates are not be permitted to use any forms of cookie stuffing or any other malicious strategies to earn unfair commission payouts. Only sales resulting from regular marketing methods on affiliate's website shall be permitted.

4. Affiliates are not allowed to use variations of SEO PowerSuite’s trademark as part of their domain name, including but not limited to: seo powersuite, rank tracker, link-assistant, linkassistant, seo spyglass, website auditor. When in doubt if a domain name complies with this policy, please contact

5. Do not send emails to lists that you do not have permission to send to. This will be considered as spam and we will terminate your participation in SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program at the first offense of spamming.

6. SEO PowerSuite reserves the right to remove any affiliates and/or withhold commission payouts at their own discretion based on affiliate behavior and compliance with these policies.