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Build business authority in LinkedIn with BuzzBundle!

Did you know LinkedIn's user base has just reached 200 million? And a new LinkedIn profile's created each second, making the network grow wider with business professionals from all kinds of industries.

These days you simply can't afford missing out on LinkedIn's huge audience, whatever business you're in. And now you can build your LinkedIn business presence the easiest way – with BuzzBundle.

Manage your LinkedIn profile and monitor LinkedIn brand mentions with BuzzBundle

Yeah, that's right, from now on your BuzzBundle adds LinkedIn to its supported social services, giving you a whole bunch of features to promote your business in LinkedIn.

1. See who's talking about your brand in LinkedIn Updates

Search for any brand or keyword mentions in LinkedIn status updates, to see who's talking about you or your industry.

2. Leave comments and join conversations

If needed, leave comments and join any discussion that mentions your targeted keywords.

3. Post LinkedIn profile updates right from the software

Post updates to your LinkedIn profile in a few mouse clicks – right from the software.

4. Automatically create new or use any number of existing LinkedIn accounts

Manage multiple LinkedIn accounts with one tool – be those the new accounts you create right from the software, or the existing accounts you import into it.

5. Schedule your LinkedIn posts and comments

Schedule your LinkedIn status updates or comments to be published on any needed date and time.

That's it! Now you can build your authority and gain exposure in the ever-growing and already 200+ million LinkedIn user base, and do it the easiest way – with BuzzBundle.

Even more services are coming soon!

Ok, now with LinkedIn on board, BuzzBundle truly proves a tool with the broadest social media coverage - Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles, thousands of forums and blogs. But the work keeps boiling here still, with many more social services planned for the next months.

Just make sure you're not missing out on any of already present BuzzBundle's time-saver features and check out what's planned for BuzzBundle's next releases!

Currently supported social services

Use every chance to support your brand with BuzzBundle's wide list of supported social media resources.


  • - Monitor mentions
  • - Send tweets
  • - Schedule tweets
  • - Post tweet replies
  • - Retweet

  • - Monitor mentions
  • - Manage business pages
  • - Send messages
  • - Schedule posts
  • - Comment
  • - Like

  • - Monitor mentions
  • - Post replies
  • - Schedule replies
  • - Comment

  • - Monitor mentions
  • - Publish updates
  • - Schedule posts
  • - Comment
Blogs, Q&A

  • - Monitor mentions and discussions
  • - Comment

Social services coming soon

The list of supported platforms is already impressive, but we're going to add new sources on and on. Here's BuzzBundle update plan for the next months.

Video Services
YouTube and others
Scheduled for February!
Ratings and Review Sites
Scheduled for March!
More forum engines and blogging platforms
Keep being added regularly (every couple of days or a week)
Social Networks
Coming soon.
Q&A Sites
Stack Exchange
AOL Answers
Coming soon.

For all current users, we'll roll out the feature updates at no extra price, so if you still didn't have a chance to grab your BuzzBundle license, there's no reason to delay.

Get your hands on the most feature-rich SMM tool at the lowest possible price (10 to 60 times cheaper than other tools out there!)

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