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Group your links in SEO SpyGlass – manage loads of backlink data the most convenient way!

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Link-Assistant.Com News SEO Tools

Here’s the hot SEO SpyGlass update that makes your SEO life times easier. From now on with SEO SpyGlass you can manage loads of crucial backlink data ever more conveniently.

New SEO SpyGlass

This is what so many of you, SEO SpyGlass users, were asking us for.

Using SEO SpyGlass’s advanced grouping options, you can now neatly organize all backlinks in your project into a tree-like catalogue by backlink domain (and other key backlink factors). This feature saves you a whole lot of time when analyzing large data volumes, letting you:

  • See in a glance, where all the backlinks are coming from
  • Quickly search through hundreds of entries in your project

To get access to the new functionality, just restart your SEO SpyGlass for auto-update, or download the freshest version from the site.

Using backlink grouping feature

Using the new grouping features is extremely easy. You can find new settings in Preferences -> Workspaces -> Edit (or access the same menu with the Workspaces button in the right top corner of your screen).

Here you see the option Group By. Tick the corresponding checkbox and choose the factor you wish your links to be grouped by.


Grouping Settings


Now, here you are: all backlinks from one and the same domain are conveniently grouped in a tree-like scheme:




Now hurry for the new grouping options in SEO SpyGlass and save much SEO time with the quickest and easiest way to manage backlink data.

P.S. Don't forget, if don't have an SEO SpyGlass license yet, you can get one here.

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