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Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Uncategorized

New backlink checker

The awaited huge backlink source was just launched for SEO SpyGlass - 3 weeks ahead of planned release.

This means that now, using SEO SpyGlass , you can pull links from our very own and exclusive backlink database, already counting trillions of quality backlinks and growing wider and wider each day.

This totally new backlink source, added to the proven SEO SpyGlass's link-research powers, beats any source out there on the market, because what you get is:


  • Huge link data volumes– SEO SpyGlass serves you the links from 2 powerful sources blended together


  • Lowest price on the market – you pay 3 times less and save $1000 a year as compared to other backlink services


  • In-depth link quality analysis – you analyze your links over 40+ key SEO factors


  • Exporting data in a mouse click – you instantly export backlinks to Excel and other file-types


  • Clear and professional backlink reports – you shape your backlink data in clear-as-noonday SEO reports to show to your clients or share with co-workers


With Yahoo! Site Explorer shut down, this mighty backlink source is what gives you a totally unbeaten competitive advantage over the rest of the SEO world.

So try out this exclusive, fresh and ever-growing backlink mine and take advantage of loads of top-quality backlink data it guarantees.

P.S. We're not changing the price for the upgraded SEO SpyGlass yet. So if you already have an SEO SpyGlass license, you get this great enhancement at no extra cost. If you don't have a license yet, you might want to grab the new SEO SpyGlass before prices go up.

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