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Private Beta
By SEO PowerSuite

Our New Backlink Index Is Live — Claim Early Access Now!

We're building a tool with the freshest backlink data and at the most affordable price.
Help us shape it the way it should be!
Early November
Private Beta Testing
Collecting your feedback
Crawling 6.8 billion new pages/day
Pssst… We're faster than Ahrefs:)
Early December
Full-Power Public
Sorry, Private Beta Testing Is Over.
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The Most Up-To-Date Index (Powered By The Fastest Crawling Engine Yet)

We won't be talking about the size, since we have absolutely no intention to compete with the huge Majestic's Historical database. It is freshness that's been our main focus.
So we've built a system that mercilessly weeds out all the outdated links. And crawls the Web at lightning speed. Faster than any other tool (be that Ahrefs, Majestic or anyone else).
Every day we crawl
6.8 Billion Web Pages

The Horsepower Factory Under The Hood

When it comes to data processing, you have only two options to grow: extra computer power or better technology . We invested our time into technology — and it paid off.
5 months of non-stop development and we've finally built it. The most advanced technology basis that lets us crawl the Web lightning fast with just 1/28th of our competitors' CPU power.
This means we don't have to charge you a fortune for hundreds and thousands of servers used. And YOU get the data cheap.

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  • Be the first to access all the unreleased features.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements?
You can install the beta version on Windows, Mac or Linux. The hardware and software requirements are the same as for the rest of the SEO PowerSuite tools.
Is the release stable?
We don't expect the software to have any major bugs; however it might not be as stable and polished as our public releases generally are.
So please let us know whenever you notice any unexpected software behavior.
And please make sure to create a backup copy of your older projects before opening them in the software's beta version.
How do I quit beta testing?
To quit beta testing and roll back to the previous version, simply download SEO PowerSuite from the website. When installed, the older version will replace the beta one.
Please note that the older versions won't be able to open the projects created in the beta version.
Sorry, Private Beta Testing Is Over.
Download the new SEO SpyGlass here.

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Join our fearless and endlessly creative development team on their space
journey to a better link research tool.