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So You Don’t Have the Time to Manage Your SEO?

November 23rd, 2012 | Link-Assistant.Com


guest post by Nick Stamoulis 

I'm always amazed when I hear a small business owner say they don't have time to invest in or both with SEO? Really? You don't have time to bother building up your online brand? Connecting with your target audience? Driving quality traffic and leads to your site?

As a small business owner I completely understand what it's like to run a business and how pressed for time you can be but SEO is one of those things, like ordering new inventory and paying the bills each month, that you need to make time for!

If you are a site owner that is struggling to make time for SEO here are few time management tips: Read more »

The Professional Link Audit – What You Really Need to Do Before Using the Disavow Tool

October 26th, 2012 | Link-Assistant.Com


The recent launch of the Google disavow tool (to remove links regarded as unnatural by Google) has set the whole SEO community on fire. The tool has been intended for webmasters who recently received the unnatural link warnings in Google Webmaster Tools. Sounds like a final solution for your Penguin issues? But do you really think that the brand new tool is the complete answer to the overall backlink profile problem?

The flow of discussions has surrounded the tool since its launch – some marketers are relieved, others are pretty skeptic on the whole matter.

What we know for sure is that before you decide to disavow any of your backlinks, you should get the full objective picture of your backlink profile, analyze where your real weak points are and only after that take the decision to either remove or disavow the links. But why should you be so careful with the tool? Read more »

Protect Your Website from the Next Search Engine Update

October 5th, 2012 | Link-Assistant.Com


guest post by Nick Stamoulis  

Everyone in the SEO industry is waiting for the next Google Penguin update to hit. Penguin first went live in April and was a radical wake-up call to many site owners, going after sites with poor quality back link profiles, an overuse of exact-match anchor text and other web spam tactics designed to trick the search engines.

Many sites that were hit have yet to fully recover, although there have been a few reports of some sites being able to stop the free fall and earn back some of their lost visitors.

Then, back in August, Matt Cutts of Google's web spam team said that "next few updates will be 'jarring and jolting' for webmasters and SEOs."

This has many site owners and SEO professionals understandably anxious. If a site was hit the first time around, could it possibly get worse with a Penguin refresh? Could a site that wasn't tagged with Penguin 1.0 get caught in the filter?

Until the next Penguin update comes down from Google no one can be 100% sure that their website is safe, but there are a few things that site owners can do now to protect their website from the next Penguin update, and any search engine update to come. Read more »

How to Measure if Your Press Releases Do The Job

September 21st, 2012 | Aleh Barysevich


Has it ever puzzled you  that your press release distribution service, no matter how reputable and pricey, won't deliver the results you expect? Or you do free PR distribution and keep wondering if your time and efforts are worth the aftermath.

PR effectiveness is the topic I covered in my recent guest post at  State of Search.

I think that to see if a press release was effective, we should state the list of PR goals first. Here's the pyramid that summarizes the most common goals for PR distribution:

In 5 Key Indicators to Measure your Press Release Effectiveness you'll find out that things worth looking at when assessing the PR distribution results include: Read more »

4 Things You Need to Know About Getting Links With Infographics

July 6th, 2012 | Link-Assistant.Com


guest post by Geoff Kenyon

While infographics are a popular means of link building, there are oftentimes may infographics that receive far fewer links than they deserve.

Below are 4 things I've learned (mostly the hard way) about getting more links out of your infographic.

Give Them The Facts (And an Intro)

When you're reaching out to bloggers to get them to put your infographic on their site, you want to make it as easy as possible for them. This means you need to think about it from their perspective.

Real bloggers aren't simply going to embed your infographic in a post and hit publish, they need to minimally give it an intro. Additionally, many bloggers will want to write a bit more about the infographic. Read more »

Multi-website projects in new SEO SpyGlass 5.3 – compare your competitors’ backlinks on the fly!

June 13th, 2012 | Link-Assistant.Com


Are you striving to build a safe and effective link-building strategy for your site, just like millions other SEOs these days? Then the just-out SEO SpyGlass 5.3. is what resolves your link-building concerns once and forever!

From now on, SEO SpyGlass can compare backlinks of up to 5 websites within one convenient working area, and splits everything the sites have in common or differ in into actionable figures and stats.

And that’s a reliable way to reverse engineer Google rankings algos - all link-building patterns that account for highest search engine positions or, on the contrary, cause Google’s disregard, are now put on the plate for you.

No more link-building guesswork and speculations - pure figures speak for themselves:

See new SEO SpyGlass in action!

Read more »