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WordStream Rolls Out Free Negative Keyword Tool for PPC Advertisers

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category PPC Advertising


Getting your PPC ads to show up for the right keywords is critical for a successful PPC campaign. Still, it's only half the battle won. If you want to better your performance and maximize the ROI you also need to make sure that your ads are not matched against unwanted queries. To do that you need to actively use negative keywords that will save you from paying for clicks that are not likely to translate into desired conversions.

To help you with this time-consuming yet critical task the guys at WordStream have put together another great app – the Free Negative Keyword Tool. The name basically says it all: it's a tool that helps you generate negative keywords based on your seed search terms, and yes, it's completely free.

The tool helps you prevent your ads from showing for:

  • Queries that generate irrelevant clicks – obviously you don’t want to pay for visitors that have no interest in your products or services;
  • Queries that generate irrelevant impressions – when your ads show up for irrelevant queries that don't generate clicks your CTR goes down which results in lower quality scores and ad positions, and higher costs per click.

Now let's see how the Free Keyword Tool can help you avoid these problems. Suppose you're selling PC speakers. You're biding on the keyword 'speakers' on broad or phrase match. That keyword sure generates a lot of search volume, but will all the queries be relevant to your business? Probably not.

Instead of finding those irrelevant terms in your Search Query Report after they've already hindered your campaign performance you can preemptively discover these search strings and add them to your negative keyword list so that your ads are not matched against these unwanted terms. To do this you simply enter 'speakers' into the Free Negative Keyword Tool and hit the big red 'Find Negative Keywords' button.


The tool then searches its trillion+ keyword database for keyword modifiers that you might want to add to your negative keyword list.


You can then walk through the generated list of possible unwanted queries and choose whether you want to add them to your negative keyword list. Do you have wireless speakers in stock? If not click no and the keyword will appear in the negative list on the right. If the suggested term is relevant for your campaign, click 'Yes' and it'll be substituted with new suggestions.

While extremely intuitive and easy-to-use the Free Negative Tool has got an impressive functionality behind it. Just to give you a taste of the things it can do for you here are some of the major features:

  • Upload the results directly to your AdWords Account
  • Export the keyword list into CSV and have it emailed to you
  • Exclude the keywords that have previously generated conversions
  • Sort keywords by their estimated search volumes
  • Scan your AdWords search query report for possible unwanted keywords

Try the Free Negative Keyword Tool and see how it can help you optimize your PPC campaigns. Also be sure to check out our review of other WordStream keyword tools that we did some time ago if you missed it.

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