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Niche and Keyword Research in YouTube

| Posted in category Keyword Research Video SEO

Winnie the Pooh Any online business is fuelled by traffic. The more clicks you get to your money-making site – the more cash you are likely to credit to your account (I bet at the moment you guys are shouting “Thank you, Cap!”, but be patient, you are a few steps away from the “how to” paragraph 😉

Along with the search engines and social networks video hosting websites are on the list of the most visited websites in the world and present a good opportunity for a skilled Internet marketer. Just have a look at YouTube stats gauged by Alexa and DoubleClick.

YouTube is the third most visited website worldwide and the third most visited website in the US. The number of daily unique YouTube visitors is constantly growing. Furthermore, there are lots of minor video hosting websites (regional or specialized), where you may get additional exposure. Here are a few of them:

You can get even more from this huge list.

YouTube Stats from DoubleClick

Before making a deep dive in this sea of video traffic you need to learn how to:

  • Research keywords and find the right niche in YouTube, and;
  • Perform the competition analysis.

Most of you know how to tackle these tasks for SEO purposes, thus some tricks might be familiar to you.

Keyword and Niche Research

Not so long ago YouTube launched its own advertising services Promoted Videos, which naturally includes a keyword research tool intended for the advertisers. You may find it here.

The tool lets you select the targeted language and country:

Keyword Tool Youtube

And one of the three research options: keyword search, search keywords relevant to a certain video, and demographic search (our favorite one). The first two options will return a list of related keywords along with their monthly search volume (see below):

Keywords Youtube

This tool may help you find trendy niches and explore new keywords for the descriptions and Meta information for your videos. Don’t forget to search for the juicy keywords using the videos’ URLs of your potential competitors.

The Demographic Search lets you find top keywords used by the defined demographic groups. For example, you might find most popular keywords among US and Canada citizens, in the age of 35-44, interested in Internet and Business.

Youtube Demographic Tool

Once you made up your own keywords list don’t forget to spy on your competitors.

Competition Analysis

1. Search YouTube using the query that best describes your target niche. You may use the keywords that you found during the keyword research stage. (Don’t forget about filtering options, you may list the most relevant videos, top rated or top viewed videos).

2. Open a video. Below the video player area locate Show More link and click it. The screen should look like this.

Youtube Videoinfo

The Tags field contains a list of tags (or keywords); a video with the relevant tags would get higher rankings in YouTube for the respective search query. Copy them to your research spreadsheet for future analysis and use.

3. Click on Video Statistics icon to get the detailed information about the video performance. It includes the list of events that triggered most views of the video and demographic profile of the viewers.

Youtube Videostats

If you are looking for the good spots to start distributing your video, the Significant Discovery Events section might give you valuable insights. The Audiences section gives you data that you may use for reverse analysis using Demographic keyword research tool (see above).

As the output of the research you should get a list of targeted keywords and keyword phrases, which you will use in the video title, description, and tags. Don’t forget to make up a list of spots where you might place your videos to produce maximum viral effect.

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