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Link-Building Software to Automate Your SEO Outreach
Available for:
Automate your link-building campaigns
Send personalized email campaigns without hassle
Build high-quality backlinks

Find hundreds of link building opportunities

Link-building software provides tons of link suggestions serving as a foundation for your backlink outreach. However, this process isn't just about the number of backlink prospects. What you really need is a list of quality domains, suited to your particular strategies.

LinkAssistant is the right tool to ensure the quality of your backlink outreach. Moreover, it takes care of your entire link building process. It enables you to discover relevant link building opportunities, get contact email addresses, send automated pitches, and even measure the success of your link-building campaigns.

What's inside the link-building software:

10+ methods to find link building opportunities
Good quality and relevance to location and niche
Finding email address and name for your pitch
Sending bulk automated email
Automatic backlinks tracking
Custom link builder reports
Find relevant link suggestions

Depending on your content marketing strategy, you will need different types of domains. You may be looking for guest posting opportunities, review platforms, business directories, or niche influencers. This is where our link-building tools can be of great help.

In LinkAssistant, modify the research method depending on your link building goals. Choose from the most popular link prospecting techniques: from guest posting to active giveaways, reviews or topical blogs. You'll get link suggestions relevant to your needs right now. Moreover, to have even more link prospecting, you can run your custom search, limited to your location, niche, and even the type of the SERP.

Use competitor backlinks

Instead of manually checking if your prospects have ever linked to your niche's website, you can use the link-building software to find prospects from your competitors' backlink profile, and strike up a partnership with them. Try the most popular competitive research techniques: broken link building on the best traffic pages on the SERP, skyscraper technique, backlink gaps, and more. This feature is crucial both for SEO experts and website owners, since it saves so much time on finding and sorting your link building opportunities.

Build quality backlinks

Getting thousands of link suggestions is great, but how to prioritize? LinkAssitant provides all kinds of SEO quality factors to see the value of your potential links: Domain InLink Rank, domain age, domain's organic traffic, Page Authority, social media popularity, and the number of indexed pages in Google.

Find contacts for personalized outreach

LinkAssistant will help you gather contact email addresses automatically. For quick management of your backlink prospects, there is an internal browser and Feed View to see what the website is about. Reach out to the right person directly from the built-in outreach tools. And use handy email templates to make your emails feel personal, or create your own templates.

Automate your backlink outreach

Switching from a tool collecting link after link to the outreach tool to actually contact the prospects takes a lot of time. And with high-volume SEO outreach, managing all that data can get pretty chaotic.

In LinkAssistant, we brought the entire link-building workflow under one roof. You can easily track sent emails and replies. Stay in touch with your leads and flag important emails so you don't forget to reply or follow up.

Verify backlinks with one click

The sad reality is that almost every link that you build will either get taken down or removed within a couple of years after you've acquired it. This is exactly why we've put a link verification tracker module into our backlink management tool. With LinkAssistant, you can handle the wrong anchor text, reclaim lost backlinks, or fix broken links immediately.

Run regular link checks to make sure your acquired links don't get taken down. You will see a notification once your linking page is taken down, or the backlink was closed with a nofollow tag. Contact partners right away if a link verification fails!

Customize your link building reports

Let your clients know how your link outreach campaign is going! LinkAssistant's reports are customizable, white-label, and designed for all devices. You can deliver the link-building reports to your clients' email boxes or save them in the cloud storage and share the link.

Looking for a way to automate reporting completely? Set up a scheduled task, and LinkAssistant will build reports on autopilot and deliver them to your clients on your schedule, as a direct link or attachment, in a plain text or custom HTML email.

Why choose LinkAssistant?

We collected reasons from what link builders said.

Using LinkAssistant was very effective for my niche. I built links on various websites, and was quite surprised as to how little effort it was. I also found it quite useful that the tool points out many factors that might mean that the link is harmful.
Sarah Wright
Latte Art
LinkAssistant does everything I have been doing by hand for years. It finds link prospects from all over the internet, even in the forums that I would never find myself. And it does it in seconds. Incredible time-saver.
Michael Anderson
Effective SEO
SEO can be such a challenge. I was so glad when I discovered LinkAssistant. No other tool I am aware of offers similar variety of link prospecting methods. An all-in-one dashboard is a huge bonus as well. I never miss a link opportunity anymore!
Aaron Page
Universe Tools

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How do I start building links with the help of LinkAssistant?

Launch the program, paste the URL of your website, and the tool will collect a few backlink prospects based on your competitors' backlinks. Review the prospect domains and move the best of them to the Prospects module. Make sure that the contact information is available. Next, prepare your pitch based on the default email templates and send the emails in bulk. Watch for the replies and follow-ups!

Can I find guest posting opportunities with LinkAssistant?

You can use advanced search methods in LinksAssistant to find all types of websites, including the websites accepting guest posts, review websites, blogs, forums, directories, etc. Moreover, you can assess their quality, so you won't have too much crap if you set up your quality thresholds before doing your first search.

How do you automate a link building campaign?

LinkAssistant offers a variety of automation features for your link-building campaign: safe search for extracting prospects' contact data, ready-made customizable email templates, and scheduled tasks. The best part is automatic tasks such as running your backlink verification on autopilot, or sending an automated email to your clients regularly.

Is LinkAssistant a reliable link-building tool?

LinkAssistant is an absolutely safe, reliable, and suitable tool to scale your link outreach campaigns. With 7.1 billion pages crawled on a daily basis, it will give you link-building opportunities in hundreds and even thousands. The SEO tool has small in-built features for keyword research, competition research, and backlink analysis to make your searches for content marketing opportunities as relevant as possible. In fact, it has practically anything you might need to make your pitch successful.