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Did you get a chance to play with SEO PowerSuite's drag-n-drop SEO reports? We've prepared a quick training video and a guide to make sure you take advantage of all the super-easy tweaking and customization these report offer.

Every tweak, every setting imaginable is there —
in the new SEO PowerSuite reports!

We could hardly make a list of all the things you can configure, tweak, and adjust in SEO PowerSuite's new reports — there are just so many! But here come the 7 major things you can customize in your reports that will surely make clients fall in love with them.

To get started, just click the button next to the template you'd like to edit. Happy customizing!

Add and remove modules with a mouse-click

Whether you're editing a ready-made template or the one you created yourself, you can easily add widgets to your report by clicking the button next to the name of the widget on the right.

Changed your mind? Removing widgets from your report is just as quick — simply hit in the top left corner of the module.

Drag and drop modules to rearrange them

Move modules around in your reports easily by dragging and dropping them — and enjoy SEO reports that are well-organized, with data presented in the exact order you need it to be.

Decide on the contents of every widget

All modules in your report are totally editable to ensure they reflect exactly the data you want. Click in the top left corner of a widget to:

  • include or exclude certain stats or factors,
  • change the widget's title,
  • adjust the Sort by parameter,
  • and show or hide competitors!
Add custom text to reports

You can add some entirely custom modules to your templates — like Notes or Text. These will come in handy if you want to start the report with an introduction and close it with a conclusion, or leave some personal notes and comments for your clients and colleagues — right in the report.

Change your report's color scheme

With the new SEO PowerSuite, you can easily customize the report's look by adjusting color schemes.

Just hit and pick the color combo you like best under the Color Schemes tab!

Brand and white-label your reports

Need a white-label report with a logo? No prob! Just click the button in the upper left corner of your report's header and footer, and decide if you want to brand it with the company or customer logo. You can also change the header and footer text to give your reports an even more personal feel!

Translate reports into other languages

SEO PowerSuite's reports are translated into a number of languages (English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish are supported already — and more on the way!). To have your report instantly localized, click , navigate to Localization and select the language you need your report in. Voila!

You're all set to win over your clients' love and respect — once and for all. Get some practice with Rank Tracker while we're finishing up the custom reports in other SEO PowerSuite tools — they'll be out before you can say "These are the most custom reports I've ever seen!"

Build SEO reports your clients and colleagues deserve.

Already own SEO PowerSuite Professional? Upgrade to Enterprise now to be able to save and email reports!

P.S.: How are you liking the new reports? Are there any other customization options you'd love to see added? Please let us know what you think in the comments — it's your feedback that keeps us going!

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