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Pull your competitors' best SEO keywords.

It certainly gives you pain to think of all possible topical niches of your industry. What if you have a few customers from completely different industries? In this case, the best inspiration you can get is from the strongest competitors. Yesterday you had to guess what SEO keywords your competitors targeted. Today Rank Tracker is fully apt for this task.
To get access to the new features, launch the tool and let it auto-update to the new version. Once you are done, create or open a project and go to the renovated Keyword Research module.
Discover the keywords of your competitors.
In the Ranking Keywords dashboard, paste your competitor's website into the search box on the top, choose what rankings you are interested in — Desktop or Mobile, and click the Search button. In a few moments, you will receive a list of the best keywords your competitor ranks for.
Refine the list.
Exclude Negative keywords for more precision. Filter the results by the important metrics (Rank, # of Searches, Keyword Difficulty, and the estimated traffic).
Track your rankings for new keywords.
Once you find keywords you are happy with, add them to the Target Keywords module to find out whether you rank for them.
Track competitor's progress comparing to yours.
Add this competitor to Rank Tracking to analyze the ranking progress for the added keywords alongside with your positions.

The infinite source of data directly from your competitors.

On the surface, there is a list of high-value keywords that you get in a few moments after you've entered a competitor's site. Underneath this simple act, there are our huge efforts of unfolding a gigantic keyword database, the ranking history of which must be stored on our servers. It is a highly demanding job, but we've had a feeling we have to take this step (though in Beta for the time being).
We have started to grow our keyword database for (and mainly, words in English). But EACH DAY this database is getting bigger and bigger incorporating new languages and search engines. So, in a short while, you will get access to the infinite source of data.

No more messy keyword lists.

Can you have all your keywords in one place but handily distributed into separate dashboards according to the research methods? Yes you can! We are proud to have 20 keyword research methods. Now, we are even more proud to have them logically regrouped:
All clusters of keyword research tools in one handy menu.
Now you can collect keywords and analyze them in separate dashboards. It brings to a close the use of one really long and messy list of keywords that you got after using different tools for keyword suggestion.
Settings on the spot.
You do not have to go places to set the research up to your liking. All the filters and settings are conveniently there in your dashboard.
YouTube search.
You have been asking for this option for quite some time – and we did it! In the Autocomplete Suggestion dashboard, you can pull keywords from YouTube's suggestions for the search box.

Rank checking data in the cloud.

For now, we have started to store a part of your rank tracking history in the cloud.

How will it influence you?

It won't affect your data in any way, but the rank checking process will be getting faster and faster.

Why is it great news?
We do lots of “grown-up” development stuff on a daily basis, but this feature is truly advanced. We have started this process to analyze competitors' rankings, and we see that in the near future, its evolution will let you have access to:
  • Hundreds of thousands keywords together with their rank tracking history. It means that when you create a project for a new site in Rank Tracker, you will see AT ONCE the historic data of rankings and their fluctuations. It is an ideal tool to understand where you have gained or lost your traffic.
  • Automatic tracking of all your keywords in the cloud. It means that you won't have to even go and check your rankings. You will be receiving a report with this data plus notifications in case your rankings have risen or dropped.

Yes, we are talking about the future. But this is a tremendous technological breakthrough for us that opens unimaginable opportunities. And we will seize them as soon as we thoroughly prepare the ground.