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Cloud project storage in SEO PowerSuite
Store your SEO projects in the Web for easy collaboration & access from anywhere

Welcome two powerful solutions for
project storage and team collaboration:
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If you're like most of SEO PowerSuite users, your office isn't the only place you work from. We bet you do a lot of SEOing from your home desktop and your laptop when you're travelling — even if it's just a commute to work. Chances are you also like to share SEO data with a team of co-workers and collaborate on projects. Until now, we have to admit, this hasn't been super easy to do with SEO PowerSuite. But with today's two new features, it really, really is.

The update we've been working hard on for months is out and now you have two web storage solutions for your projects: our own online storage service, SEO PowerSuite Cloud, and the fully integrated Dropbox.

The new storage options are available to all licensed SEO PowerSuite users. So grab your license now if you haven't already, make sure you're running the latest version of SEO PowerSuite, and enjoy the powerful collaboration functionality!

Access projects from anywhere

No more leaving the apps and switching between browser tabs – now you can instantly save and load your projects from the cloud, wherever you are. Whether it's to review your data, update SEO stats, or run a report for a client, storing projects online will let you do just that - anytime and from anywhere.

Keep your data safe

With data safety in mind, we store several copies of all projects saved to SEO PowerSuite Cloud securely on our servers, with back-up copies of each project file on an emergency server. We use the SSL/TLS technology to protect your files, and token-based authentication to ensure your account's privacy and security.

Collaborate with your team

Get a shareable project link in a mouse click and send it to partners and team members for collaboration. Everyone with a link can access and make changes to the projects you share, even if they don't have an account in SEO PowerSuite Cloud.

Ready to get started? Simply go to Preferences -> SEO PowerSuite Cloud Settings or Preferences -> Dropbox Settings in the software. You'll find step-by-step instructions on setting up SEO PowerSuite Cloud and syncing your Dropbox account with SEO PowerSuite.

Work on your SEO projects anytime, anywhere, together
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