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Real-time Content Editing & Optimization
Create perfectly optimized, upload-ready pages with WebSite Auditor

New in WebSite Auditor:
  • In-app content editor
  • As-you-type SEO recommendations
  • Meta tags editor
  • Real-time Google snippet preview
  • and more!

When it comes to on-page SEO, you're often forced to use an overwhelming number of tools — so optimizing a single page can take hours. Why can't your SEO app, CMS, and HTML editor live side by side, in one place?

Here's the big news: now they do. The new WebSite Auditor brings SEO analytics, content management, and on-page optimization to one convenient workspace. The best part? You don't need to be an SEO or HTML expert to use it — the tool will take care of your entire on-page routine and let you create perfectly optimized pages in no time, without having to leave the app.

1. Analyze
Simply enter your target keywords — and have your page analyzed to bits and compared to top-ranking competitors.
2. Optimize
Edit content in-app — in a user-friendly WYSIWYG interface or HTML — and follow as-you-type advice to reach an ideal score.
3. Upload
Easily export newly optimized pages in a single click to save them to your hard drive, ready for upload.
4. Grow
All done? Sit back and see your rankings improve, your SERP listings get more clicks, and your traffic grow.

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A smarter, quicker on-page workflow

In-app content editing

You don't need to know anything about web development to optimize pages with WebSite Auditor — the tool lets you edit your content in-app in a simple, visual interface.

As-you-type advice

As you edit your pages, WebSite Auditor will tell you exactly what to do to improve rankings, recalculating your on-page scores and updating recommendations as you type, in real time.

Any website, any language

With WebSite Auditor, you can tweak, edit, and optimize any site and page — regardless of the platform it's built on or the language it's in. En serio.

UX-friendly SEO

Edit and optimize pages right in your site's layout — so you can instantly see what the page will look like to visitors, and optimize it for users, not just engines.

Meta tags editor

No coding skills required — now you can create and edit your pages' title and meta description tags in a user-friendly interface right in WebSite Auditor, and get recommendations as you type.

Google snippet preview

Who cares how well you rank for your keywords if your listing isn't getting enough clicks? As you edit your meta tags in WebSite Auditor, you can see exactly what your Google snippet will look like right away, and create click-enticing listings without leaving the app.

In-app HTML editor

Web developers and designers rejoice! Now you can edit your pages' code right in WebSite Auditor, just like you do in your HTML editor — and see the changes instantly in the live view mode.

One workspace.
End-to-end on-page optimization.
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