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Find the best keywords for your SEO campaign!
[New Rank Tracker feature + practical guide]

While the dev team are sweating and boiling over the next huge step on SEO PowerSuite's 2014 roadmap, the new Content Optimization Module, we still tried to use each chance to power (and speed) up your SEO workflow.

And this time we've concentrated on keyword research, giving you today:

See keywords relevant to your particular website (from Google Analytics and AdWords) — right upon project creation.
Here are the exact steps to use Rank Tracker to find the best and most profitable keywords in your niche!

Get relevant, traffic-generating keywords. Fetched before you know it.

Could your keyword research with Rank Tracker get even quicker and smarter? Well, it has! From now on, you can get an invaluable keyword insight in Rank Tracker right at project creation, collecting keywords your site is already optimized for. Whenever you start a new Rank Tracker project, you can have a solid list of 60 keywords right at hand, including:

1. Keywords that already bring traffic to your site [from Google Analytics]

Rank Tracker will get you the keywords that are already bringing you traffic, straight from your Google Analytics account.

2. Keywords that are relevant to your pages' content [from Google AdWords]

Also Rank Tracker can now fetch Google AdWords Keyword Planner suggestions for a particular landing URL — and those are mostly the keywords that are widely used in your content.

To start using this and other powerful keyword research features in Rank Tracker, just download the new version or get a fully-functional
Rank Tracker license!

Get a full grip on Rank Tracker's keyword research powers!

Keyword research is unquestionably one of the most important parts of the SEO process. Luckily, Rank Tracker's got your back covered — with 16 smart research methods and metrics like KEI and Keyword Difficulty, there's hardly anything more you could wish for.

Are you using Rank Tracker's research potential to the fullest? Get pro tips and make sure you aren't missing important steps with our new Keyword Research guide!

Learn effective keyword research
with Rank Tracker

Read the guide