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A to Z keyword research:
from semantic groups to keyword maps

Discover high-performing topics and keyword groups, and easily map them to landing pages with the new Rank Tracker.

  • High ROI keywords from 20 sources
  • 'Negative keywords' filter
  • Bulk Keyword Difficulty update
  • Semantic keyword grouping
  • Keyword mapping

Around 80% of online transactions start with a keyword search. Sobering, isn't it? The bad news is, your competitors are aware of this. The good news? They tend to go the easy way.

In any given niche, most websites target the same handful of keywords that come from Google Keyword Planner. In the past, if you really wanted to get ahead of your contenders, you'd need a) a dozen of tools to get soild keyword ideas, b) a tool to analyze their potential, c) a grouping tool to bundle the terms by topic (Hummingbird, remember?), d) a spreadsheet to build a keyword map.

Sounds like a lot of work, huh?

Luckily, today's Rank Tracker update lets you do all of the above — but in one place and in just a few clicks. Can't wait to get started? If you already use Rank Tracker, just launch the app and let it update to the latest version. Not a user yet? Download the free version of the app to test out what we promise is the best keyword research and mapping functionality you've seen:

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Get relevant keywords only

Rank Tracker uses 20 different keyword research tools (Keyword Planner, Keyword Discovery, SEMRush, Google/Bing Autocomplete and Related Searches, etc.) to give you a diverse keyword list of hundreds of high-converting, low-competition long tail keywords that AdWords would never show. With the latest update, you can also specify negative keywords for your research to filter out the noise and ensure you only get relevant, spot-on suggestions.

Discover topics and keyword groups

From individual exact-match keywords, SEO has evolved all the way to topics and groups of semantically related terms. Instead of endless rows of keywords in no particular order, Rank Tracker's new Keyword Research module will give you a list of thematic keyword groups — so you can focus on entire topics instead of individual keywords, and easily manage and navigate through an uncluttered, organized workspace.

Pick high-performing terms

As Rank Tracker finds keywords for you, it'll automatically collect their efficiency stats so you can easily spot the best terms and topics for SEO and PPC. When you've picked your top terms, click Move to Target Keywords Module to add them to your main Rank Tracker workspace and start mapping and tracking.

The terms you haven't added to target keywords will stay right in the Keyword Research module, so you can go back to them whenever you feel you could use more keyword suggestions.

Analyze keyword difficulty (in bulk!)

The Keyword Map module lets you manage, organize, and edit your target keyword groups — as well as do some further in-depth analysis. In the Keyword Difficulty tab, you can see exactly how hard it's going to be to get to the top 10 results for any given term or group. The best part? With the latest update, you can (finally, we know) check Keyword Difficulty in bulk for entire keyword groups, not just individual terms!

Build your keyword map

Most importantly, the Keyword Map submodule lets you map your keywords and entire keyword groups to landing pages by clicking Assign Keyword To Landing Page. Under the Landing Pages tab, you'll be able to easily navigate through your keyword map by landing pages' URLs to instantly see all keywords associated with any given page.

Report, report, report!

With today's release, Rank Tracker's custom reports also got updated with all the new data. Start editing your favourite report template and add the Keyword Analysis by Keyword Group and Keyword Analysis by Landing Page widgets to include a breakdown of your keyword groups or your keyword map right in your report.

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