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SERP Analysis

Analyze the top 50 pages ranking for any keyword and find the most influential ranking factors
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Initiate SERP analysis

In the navigation panel on the left, go to the new SERP Analysis tab. Choose preferred search engine, enter any keyword, and click Analyse SERP.

Get all data in one dashboard

Everything you need to know about any given SERP is collected within a single dashboard. The top part of the dashboard is a quick summary of SERP stats, while the bottom part is the table with the data for all 50 ranking pages.

Gauge keyword potential at a glance

A quick way to estimate keyword potential is to look at keyword difficulty vs search volume. Keywords that have very strong competitors in SERP but bring little traffic are unlikely to be worth your effort.

Find main ranking factors

For each SERP, we check if there is a correlation between different ranking factors and the pages' actual position in search. Sometimes it's more important to compete on backlinks, while other times you might have better luck optimizing for user experience. This feature removes the guesswork and tells you the best area to focus on.

See the difficulty score for each competitor

We calculate the difficulty score based on the backlink profile of a competitor. In particular, we look at the number of links to a page and a domain as well as the number of linking domains. This information is available for each of the top 50 search results.

See keyword and traffic stats for each competitor

For each competitor, we also look at the overall presence in search. We track the number of keywords that the domains rank for as well as the amount of traffic they are likely to attract through their positions in search. This information is also available for each of the top 50 search results.

See UX metrics for each competitor

User experience is a costly thing to optimize. The good news is that you don't have to have a perfect score, you just have to be slightly better than your competitors in SERP. And with our data you'll know exactly what the benchmark is.
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