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Mixed HTTPS Content Checker in WebSite Auditor

Instantly scan your site for the most common HTTPS migration issue!
The quickest way to find and fix mixed HTTPS content errors on your site:
  • Find all pages with mixed HTTPS content
  • See the exact insecure elements (images, videos, CSS, etc.) on every page
  • Report to clients on the mixed content issues found

Switching a website to HTTPS is a lot of work, and done wrong, it can easily become an SEO disaster. Redirects, canonicals, mixed content, etc. — there's a dozen of things to keep in mind. But is there a way to spare the headache and automate the process?

When switching our own 20K-page site to HTTPS last month, we realized there was no SEO tool on the market to help you deal with the most common HTTPS migration issue — mixed HTTP/HTTPS content errors. So we thought we need to add this functionality to our on-page SEO tool.

And… here you go! From now on, you can quickly diagnose if your site has mixed HTTP/HTTPS content issues — without leaving your WebSite Auditor dashboard.

What's mixed content and when does it occur?

Mixed content occurs when you move a website to HTTPS, but some of its resources are still being loaded over HTTP (most often this will happen to your images, videos, CSS and JS files).

These insecure elements become loopholes that let attackers break into your otherwise "secured" website. So using a single insecure resource makes your whole page insecure. And, more to that, trying to protect their users from hacker attacks, many modern browsers prevent the insecure elements from loading (so your page will simply not load properly) or show "insecure content" warnings to your visitors (so your page may not load at all).

How do you check for mixed content
with WebSite Auditor?
1 Get the list of pages with mixed content issues

No need to look through hundreds, thousands and hundreds of thousands of pages manually. WebSite Auditor will scan your whole website (no matter how big) and find all pages with mixed content issues that need your attention.

Where to find it: Under Site Structure > Site Audit, in the Encoding and technical factors section.
2 See the exact insecure elements on every page

Which resources are causing the "mixed content" issues? WebSite Auditor will give you the full list of insecure images, videos, CSS, or JS files, so you can go and fix them one by one.

Where to find it: Under Content Analysis > Page Audit, switch to the Technical Factors tab and find the Encoding and technical factors section.
3 Report to clients on any mixed content issues found

The just added HTTPS mixed content issues are readily available in WebSite Auditor's reports, making it easy to deliver the valuable results of the check to your clients and colleagues. Follow the steps below to generate a report with the new page performance data.

Where to find it: Go to the Reports module and click the pencil button to edit any of your report templates. After that, you can add the HTTPS pages with mixed content factor to the Site Audit (summary) and Site Audit (details) widgets.
For reports on separate website pages, go to Content Analysis > Reports and add Mixed HTTP/HTTPS content issues to Technical factors (summary) and Technical factors (details).

…And that's on top of all this awesomeness:
See your site like search engines do.

WebSite Auditor digs through your site just like search engines do, analyzing every page and resource, including CSS, JavaScript, Flash, images, videos, and more. You can even set up the tool to follow robots.txt instructions for Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other bot, to audit only the pages that search engines see.

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WebSite Auditor will reveal every issue on your site that affects search engine indexation, rankings, and usability: broken links and images, duplicate content, poor mobile UX, redirect chains, heavy pages, and more. For every error you find, you'll get a list of pages it affects with specific, step-by-step how-to-fix instructions.

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WebSite Auditor doesn't just analyze your content; it lets you edit it in-app, in a user-friendly WYSIWYG interface or HTML, with as-you-type SEO advice. When you're done, a single click will save the SEO-perfect page to your hard drive, ready for upload.

Scan your site for issues that are hurting your rankings (now including HTTPS mixed content)

Or get a WebSite Auditor license to audit unlimited pages and save projects!

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