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WebSite Auditor 2.0 Out of Beta

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Link-Assistant.Com News

website-auditor-2.0About two weeks ago we unveiled the milestone update for our onpage optimization tool - WebSite Auditor 2.0. The new release added a whole new website optimization module and a boatload of new features focused on optimizing your website as a system.

Today, after two weeks of vigorous beta-testing and sanding of the rough edges we're excited to announce that WebSite Auditor 2.0 is officially out of beta!

What's New

In case you didn't catch our announcement post, the new WebSite Auditor 2.0 let's you run full SEO site audit. With it you can effectively analyze all web pages of your website, diagnose and fix all issues that might negatively affect your rankings and make sure that you're using your site's ranking potential to the max.

Here's just a short list of the new version's major features:

  • Analyze and store all webpages of your site in one actionable project
  • Analyze site structure and internal linking
  • Run full website SEO health-check
  • Run indexation and cache dates analysis
  • Analyze Google PR and link value distribution across all pages
  • Monitore the domain's and webpage's performance in social media sites
  • And much more...

If you want to take a detailed overview of all the new things check out the full features list.

How to get the new version

If you already have a previous version of WebSite Auditor installed, simply restart the tool and it will update automatically. If don't yet have WebSite Auditor or the automatic update doesn't start for some reason, you can download and install the new version manually.

Getting started

The addition of the new website analysis module changes the way you use WebSite Auditor a bit. Now before you get down to actually optimizing a specific webpage for particular keywords, you first create a project for your website that contains all or part of your webpages. This data is contained in the 'Website' tab.

Then you can switch over to the 'Webpages' tab and choose certain pages to optimize them the way you used to in the previous versions of WebSite Auditor. To quickly get up to speed with WebSite Auditor 2.0 check out the starter's guide.

Thanks to all who helped

When we launched the beta version we asked you to give us a hand in testing it and got tremendous response. To all who helped us test and polish the new WebSite Auditor:

Thank you so much for your input, you guys rock!

Thank_youAs promised, we're rewarding the most active beta-testers with free licenses. We'll get in touch real soon.

Catch the Sale Tail

When we rolled out the new beta version we started a huge sale on WebSite Auditor and SEO PowerSuite with discounts jumping as high as 63%!

Today is the last day of the sale. So if you want to get your hands on the new improved WebSite Auditor or the whole pack of SEO PowerSuite tools at an indecently low price, click here catch on the bargain.

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